17 October 2020

Celia Fenn Update ~ 17 October 2020

Source: Celia Fenn (with more photos)

THE NEW EARTH IS HERE....if you want it to be!
This morning I was thinking about John Lennon and his famous statement about war: War is over...if you want it to be. Showing that it is up to each one of us to change our consciousness so that war is not a part of us and not a part of our reality.
The same goes for New Earth, when we make it a part of ourselves and a part of our Reality, then it exists.
Of course, that is easier said than done....but we are doing it.
We got this!
We just need to get past our mental conditioning that expects catastrophe and disaster as part of the battle of opposites in duality, and accept and open ourselves to abundance and blessings.
These beautiful images here were taken this morning in a garden not far from where I live. It is mid spring here, and this is "open gardens" week-end when some local people open their gardens to allow others to enjoy them. 
This house is called "The House at Pooh Corner", and whenever I drive past it I would be so curious to see what it was like. So, this was my chance.
What a magical and marvellous and "Pooh" kind of place. I almost expected to encounter Pooh and Piglet around one of the shady corners. Places like this do exist in our Reality.
Of course, whenever I am in such wonderful places I always think well these people must have lots of money to be able to afford such a home. But chatting with the owner, it turned our he is a school teacher who bought the land 25 years ago for very little when it was part of a farm. It has been his life's passion, together with his wife, to create this magical space. Listening to the calling of the Soul that knows that our first mission on the Planet is to be the Keeper of the Garden.
We may not all be in the position to create wonderful gardens. I know I am not although I always create garden spaces wherever I go. But that is the idea.....to create a magical space inside that can manifest outside. Many of us keep this idea as a "head space thing" and then we go on with life.
Maybe as we enter the New Earth we need to make it one of our primary passions, even if it is just a loved collection of pot plants in our living room.
We have to get back to the garden.
The New Earth is here.....if you want it to be!
Have a beautiful week end everybody!
❤ ❤ ❤

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