15 October 2020

Co-Creatorship, Stewardship, Responsibility ~ Judith Kusel ~ 13 October 2020

Source: Judith Kusel

What I so love about Divine Universal Laws is that they are exact. Indeed, they govern all the whole Universal Structures, Patterns, Forms, Sacred Geometries, Sacred Maths, vibration frequencies.
All is One within these laws and all indeed, adhere to the same Universal Laws.

Now, Laws have often been misunderstood when the Fire and Brimstone teachings were previlant and when this was used as a tool to induce fear and submission.
Indeed, the Universal Laws are very simple but exact.

Your own soul was created within the self-same energy and principle which is present in all of Creation.

One of these Laws is the Law of Cause and Effect, and the Law of Responsibility, the Law of One, and the Law of Love, in its most purest unconditional essence.

The First two go hand in hand, especially when we as so ATONE with the Divine Source, that every thought we think, every feeling, every action, has a ripple effect on the whole. Indeed, we step into higher co-creatorship and stewardship. 

You probably have heard that to those to whom much is given, much more will be expected of.
This is where the co-creatorship and stewardship, and law of responsibility all flow into one.
I have been involved in seminars which went deeply into the Laws of Physics and Science, Maths and Sacred Geometries, and all of these are governed by the self-same laws.
Indeed, it is the greatest of all collective lessons in highest mastery at this moment for all souls.
I love this.

I was shown so clearly this morning, and steeped in so much Divine Love and Clarity, that what I was grabling with at the moment, with a certain challenge coming into my life, was actually created by myself, so that I could step into a great understanding of these laws of stewardship. I was given this, as a beautiful lesson, that as I stepping into the fullness of my Co-creatorship, with Love, I also needed to understand that what I was putting out there, needed to be responsibly handled, and then allowed to develop and grow with wisdom and love, as in stewardship. 

To me, this was a beautiful AHA! moment.
A moment of beautiful oneness when I understood, what an immense Gift of Love this was, and more than this, that it brought with it an immense opportunity, not only to step into ever higher service, with great love, but also with a renewed vision, and renewed sense of highest purpose.
For when you know that every thought, every feeling, ever action, indeed energy that you project outwards, has a ripple effect and through the circular spiraling motion of creation always comes back to you, in expanded forms, then you will take responsibility of everything you create - in one form or another.
More than this, when the blessings multiply and return to you, you need to nurture and grow those blessings with gratitude and loving care. In comes the law of Stewardship.

When one starts to walk the Highest Paths in the Highest Levels, one truly starts loving not only the Divine, but all which is and becomes at Omni-Versal Lvels. More than this all is steeped in Purity of Intent and Pure Unconditional Love.

To me the greatest of all is Love.
There is no other Force nor Power greater than Love, in its purest Divine Form.
When one truly creates from the heart and soul, and with purity and pure intent, you cannot create anything other than what is steeped in Pure Love.

What a Gift!

I love you!
Judith Kusel

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