15 October 2020

Conceptual Wisdom ~ Matt Kahn ~ 14 October 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

Accusing someone of avoidance or suggesting they are unclear is a very predictable way the spiritual ego attempts to fast-track the journey of others, instead of taking responsibility for the impatience that life is buffering out through the grace and perfection of human interactions. 
Are people really that unclear, inept, and misaligned or only appearing that way through a lens of perception, simply to show a perceiver how often their conceptual wisdom is confused for momentary judgments and abuses of power. 
The remedy exists in holding space for the highest outcomes of all, while respecting the precise timeframe of anyone’s healing journey, without attachment to when, why, or how different outcomes will be. 
No matter how daunting, disheartening, liberating, fulfilling, fearful, or frustrating any circumstance may be, this is why we love ourselves and others more, not less.

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