17 October 2020

Crown Chakra Activation ~ Shekina Rose ~ 16 October 2020

Source: Shekina Rose

Blue Ray Empath Transmission Ascension Energy Daily Updates ~ Crown Chakra Activation 
The new energetic wave flow is emerging. Can you sense and feel it. Through all that is taking place in the world the Holy sacred frequencies continue to awaken your Christ Crown Christos template.
The Blue Rays and many Starseeds are empathic sensory intuitive beings. You are here to awaken those sacred empathic ley lines of Lemuria and the Divine Human Blueprint. As lot of downloads of information, awakenings and healing is translated through your empathic sensory awareness ~ the becoming of Divine Angelic Human. 
The celestial wave energies are fluctuating and vary in intensity from day to day, with solar storms, powerful astrology, Central sun downloads from Solara, Mother Earth Gaia frequency, shifting of time lines your own and the group consciousness. Where you have days of waking up tired, with lots of dreams and working in the dream state and can be energized and balanced the next day. 
Some days you may need more rest and be more mindful to be extra in the flow. And to be honoring of your Sacred Divine feminine energies. Times of hearing ringing in your ears and or hearing and seeing the wave frequency and feeling it in your body. 
As Blue Ray transformers, Grid Workers, New Forerunners, Angel Healer Empaths, you naturally allow this process to happen by being recharged and upgraded through alone time and being in Nature. 
Blue Ray's and Angelic Sensitive Empaths ~You have strong intuitive abilities and need to be able to connect with your own essence and energies to be happy and healthy. Your etherical bodies are more sensory aware. This is who you are and have been working on to be more attuned to your Higher self, Guides, God and Creator. 
Know your telepathic abilities, healing and empathic unity are increasing. You are very adaptable with your innate water element and to be able to flow, transcend and transform with these energetics.
The need for inward, reflective, mediation time to just be and nature time. There is a group of Star Seeds and especially the Blue Ray's are feeling a huge spiritual shift taking place, a whole new essence of their being is emerging. How they relate to all they have been is feeling different, renewed and expanded. During this time many of you will feel a need to take a step back, till you feel more settled in your new surrounding and as moves, endings and new beginnings maybe also be taking place. 
As you sense this is one of the most significant periods of your spiritual life of embodiment. You may not be able to put it to words, as it goes beyond words. Its an expansion of many realms, times, dimensions that has culminated to this time now for you.
Please feel free to share to assist and connect others ~
Thank you Love Shekina
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Ultra Senstive Empaths Star Seeds of the Sacred Divine Feminine
As a Blue Ray Being, you came to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity, and set the stage for the other rays to come.
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Crown Chakra Goddess by Carol Cavalaris

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