12 October 2020

Divine Justice: The Incumbency of Christ ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 10 October 2020

Source: Think With Your Heart

This month opened with quite a bang! 🧨πŸ’₯ On 10/1, an accelerated thrust of Life Force arrived very suddenly…via the fiery Aries full (harvest) moon….triggering a domino effect of change that is still rippling thru our lives.  Coupled with that relatively unexpected acceleration, we have the ONE dynamic (1+0=1) of new beginnings at play on a personal level, which is vividly highlighting the New Earth timeline and some big steps to arrive & anchor there.

October is also a universal FIVE month offering us a glimpse into the upcoming universal 5 year of 2021⇾ our target year for humanity’s liberation from (cabal) slavery and the foundation of which we’ve been building toward all of 2020 via the universal 4 energy.  Five is a powerful numeric that demands freedom, breakthrough & change, the vibration of which will serve as the backdrop of motivation and provocation for upcoming escalating social tensions needed for true emancipation.

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