11 October 2020

Earth Intelligence Report: October 2020 ~ Brad Johnson ~ 10 October

Source: Brad Johnson

Earth Intelligence Report for October of 2020
The following report is a channeled writing through the Earth Collective Intelligence. 
It is for you to know that there are grand shifts taking place replacing positions of what you term as power of authority upon your planet. The sensing of this shift is reaching a greater heightening of potency and through the greater shifting, a great change in the previous running of authority driven leadership shall begin such changes prior to the ending of this coming year within your space/time and time/space representing the 2020 year.
This shift will inaugurate a greater transformation upon your world with new foundations to be constructed within your common arenas of experiences such as your political, sociological, technological, educational, and even personal states. You and the collective of the Earth shall witness monumental changes upon the Earth that will introduce concepts that are more in the harmony of human growth upon the Earth as the systems that have been detrimental to your own development and to the well-being of the Earth are set to fall and collapse completely into dissolvement as you begin your crossing into the next year of time.
During this intense transition, your current world leaders and their organizations under their umbrella, shall we say, shall continue campaigns of slander and disinformation through the common media platforms that they currently have at their disposal. This is to create denial of their previous operations leading to manipulation, scandals, violent agendas, inner-political conflicts and great harm upon the people of the planet involving them in sexual slavery as well as the great abuse of children from all over the Earth.
It is important to know that these current leaders, as you would say, are not sincere in any statements they make. They have already been found as untrustworthy to the eyes of your world authorities and through the duration of the months to come leading near to the end of the year, their presence upon your media platforms shall be coming to an end as their apprehension by such authorities will be imminent. Right now, at this time, these leaders, as they are termed, are playing out an essential role for the release of information regarding their corrupted deeds that must be admitted upon a world stage for the people of the Earth to become aware of.
They will do this erroneously and unintentionally as a desperate means to preserve their empire that have already begun to crumble. They are completely unaware that they will lose their authority and will not relinquish their rule until they are pulled from their proverbial thrones. They are unaware of their fate, and in their hearts, they honestly believe they are destined to rule the Earth through their corrupted forms of empires that have been erected for thousands of years past.
The momentum of energy this month will consist of such slander and misinformation from these leaders and their subservient proxy organizations in media and other arenas. They will attack as well as deny. They will ridicule as well as defend. They are desperate to paint an innocent appearance upon themselves, though those of you who have observed these individuals within such organizations and platforms have already discovered their deception. One could see this as a person being bullied upon the schoolyard and the bully, as it were, being caught in the act. They will deny and defend their image as much as possible to create the greatest impression of innocence to avoid conviction and condemnation for such actions.
As these next several months do consist of the falling of the old, and their struggle to maintain such power, give yourself time to focus on what is truly important. Those that are destined to fall have already begun to walk that path. Such a path is inescapable for those who have performed such misdeeds. Your focus is upon your world and yourselves. Make your world better by clearing away the deception that is being portrayed in your common media. It does not serve you to react and retaliate against what you know to be lies and slander. See such things and let them be clear from your life. Your evolution depends upon your focus and your resolve to transcend such things. What happens to those who have performed such deeds of corruption is not for you to focus on.
What is important is how you illuminate your life and the lives of those around you. You are already aware of what has happened upon the Earth with such men creating empires to rule, as well as what happens to such empires once they have been exposed.
The modern empire has been exposed and it will plummet. Your attention must be on the rebuilding of the Earth and the foundations upon it created by Man. Your role is to work past how you have been hurt and welcome a new horizon of opportunity to advance yourself in greater evolution past the misdeeds in a world where there is cooperation, love, compassion and peace. This is where your focus should be. Let the old fall, just like how the leaves upon your trees fall during Autumn. Be the Spring and let new life dawn through your deeds signifying love, care, compassion, and support.
This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

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