14 October 2020

Energy Update to Solstice & Energy Understanding ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 13 October 2020

Halfway through but will proceed to post the link for this video update from Amanda Lorence.

Amanda uses the graphic above to illustrate her discourse, which is excellent from what I've heard so far. This video, based on Amanda's viewpoints,  is also available on yt, here.

Please note that the year next to the sine wave should read "JAN 2021" i/o "JAN 2020". The date of 2 January 2021 is also mentioned (when everyone will start feeling a difference), and the masses will awaken only at the time of the Solar Flash.

PS. Finally finished listening to this very beneficial update from Amanda, and wish to comment on a couple of things.

1. Amanda mentioned feeling the need to be quiet and being unable to speak (or write, or communicate in whatever form, for that matter) ~ this has nothing to do with the Throat Chakra being blocked, or requiring healing. I mention this because I've received feedback in the past where some equate not wanting to speak (or communicate) as a condition that needs "fixing".

2. Amanda also talked about the awakened giving "data packets" to the unawakened. This is my opinion and it applies to me, but I wish to repeat it here for anyone interested in reading. 

I personally do not fully resonate with this because I believe that activations/downloads occur independent of another person. I feel very strongly that ALL who are ready to receive activations or downloads will get them "directly", they do not require another person giving them energy from their eye or hand or whatever. There's the exchange/activation of Soul Codes in some cases, yes, but it's a different thing altogether. I believe in a direct and dynamic relationship between each person and their own individual Divinity and/or Divine Team.

This is something I feel very particular about, because I spent months purging my energy fields of all energies that were not mine, stemming from initiations, activations, encodings, group dynamics, even healing "techniques" that strongly carried the healer's energies, and whatever else attached to well-meaning and innocent intentions.

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