15 October 2020

For, Not Against ~ Matt Kahn ~ 14 October 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

The greatest misconception in the healing of the self or the transformation of the whole is imagining something insidious needs to stop in order for something greater to begin. When you are against something, you are empowering it with the very energy you require in order to set greater justices into motion. Whether through intention, prayer, the creation of more supportive legislation, the organizing of greater community outreach, or any legal ramifications toward the actions that affect the liberties, rights, and freedoms of others, we co-create a world of equality and justice through inspired actions in support of the values we affirm. We remain so focused on anchoring, furthering, and creating what we are for with no time or energy to exhaust battling what we are against.

At the end of the day, each of us must look ourselves in the mirror and ask, "What have I done today to make the world a better place, by leading by example, instead of giving hatred more things to hate." The reason such injustices and atrocities gained so much momentum and power is because of how focused it was towards its unconscious cause -- no matter who was against it. We are taking the same approach to neutralize hatred and manifest equality and well-being, but in a way that doesn't fuel the fight of those who are fed by the pain and despair of others.

Our inner healing is one contribution toward a collective shift, while our focused inspired external actions serve a different level and layer of it. In each moment, the degree of action you are inspired to take will be known within you, often taking unique shape and form for the contributions each of us are meant to make. All you can do is your part. Whether you are the organizer of a movement of affirmative change, the author of conscious legislation, the blesser of humanity, a humanitarian funding changes occurring behind-the-scenes, a leading example of the peaceful world we are all co-creating, or the architect of new socio-economic infrastructures, each person has a crucial role to play in standing for what we are for, instead of fighting what we're against.

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