12 October 2020

From Chaos to Clarity ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 11 October 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

When you are in separation Consciousness, When you feel stuck. When you are faced with confusion (complexity of thoughts, opinions, and beliefs), emotional bombardment and overwhelm what do you do?
Whenever we feel out of alignment we are in “separation consciousness’. All conflict is rooted in Separation. Thoughts that separate us from what we are perceiving and is in front of us to experience. Thoughts that have disconnected us from ourselves and the outer reality which is what we have constructed to have the experience and thus the opportunity to feel more of our expanding engagement and connection.
The Key to Unity, or non separation, is to ask yourself deeply.
“What is it as a thought or belief that I am holding in this moment which speaks of Separation of myself from this situation that I am experiencing and I have created”.
Find the thought or a thought, no matter what it is, and then contemplate the opposition you have created from within yourself.
And as you go into your Heart with this Knowing a shift occurs and you will, even for a moment realise the solution the resolution, and a dissolving occurs.
The solution is in QUIET MIND.
What you do with this is then your choice.
Are you prepared to discover your own fight and let it go or are you so attached to your warring with that ‘outside” yourself that you would rather continue to suffer.
Can you despise yourself that much Precious HUman?
I So Love You

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