14 October 2020

Important Message From Alcyone our Galactic Mother on the Ascension of Planet Earth ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 13 October 2020

The link to this video is here ~ posting first.


Laura posts an excerpt from a recent session where the client channels Alcyone our Galactic Mother and details the Shift/Ascension of Earth. Alcyone is known to us as the brightest Star in the Pleiades, but for Laura when she lived there, it looked like a planet! With hanging rocks in the sky, and caves filled with crystals. Beautiful pools full of crystal clear water that rejuvenates the body and soul and lots of Ascended dragons! Makes me think that to us at a lower vibration we see stars as 'stars.' But at a higher vibration when you hold a higher level of consciousness, these 'stars' look just like planets! 

This session is incredible! The Wave of light and Love that we are to experience at the moment of 'The Event' or 'The Ascension' is sent (in conjunction with Source) from Alcyone. She is waiting for her children to come home. And we want to go home! So lets get this show on the road! 

For more information on Laura Whitworth and to book a session please visit www.laurawhitworthqhht.com 

Please note - this is NOT a QHHT Session. This session uses Laura's own technique which can be used online. All QHHT Sessions are conducted face to face only.

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