16 October 2020

It's Time to Find Your Voice ~ Lee Harris ~ 15 October 2020

Source: Lee Harris

Something I've been called to talk about from my guides over the last few years is: those of you who learned to be silent many years ago, it's time to find your voice again. ⁣
And that doesn't mean speak all the time. An economy of our words is very powerful. ⁣
Some of the most powerful people I've ever met in my life, they didn't say much, but when they did, because of the way that they said the words, and the way that they brought them through, there was a power and an integrity and an energy in what they said. ⁣
So try to get out of the idea that you sharing your words is so that you are understood, heard, respected, people agree with you. That won't necessarily happen, but you might say something that in the moment, a person hears it and is a little bit like, "Hmm..." And they walk off. ⁣
But if they hear it two or three more times from other people, in other ways, it will start to land.⁣
-From the October 2020 Energy Update⁣