10 October 2020

Laughter in the Air ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 9 October 2020

These past weeks have been rougher than it's been since 2020 dawned, I fully acknowledge that. So, there may be those who view this message from Nicky Hamid as having the head in the Clouds, or buried in sand....I also fully ackowledge that. 

Last week, however, I did exactly what Nicky said in this update, because I was really feeling the intensity and pressure of the Collective energy of Humanity, and it was affecting me big time. Add to that the lapses of discipline when I spent more time than I should wading in the toxic quicksand of online media (both mainstream and alternative), and I ended up in an energy morass. I finally followed my guidance ~ I smiled, and laughed, and pranced around (physical movement is essential!). Dense dark fog lifted.

PS. Another Mooji video that's my favourite is "God has a Sense of Humour".

Source: Nicky Hamid

Just for today, every moment I think of it I will smile, chuckle, giggle or laugh.
I also intend laughter in the air and expect to see and hear it in others that come into my vicinity.
And even in the "serious" stuff, I will easily chuckle or smile to myself.
Maybe it can be a new virus that starts spreading. 
Yes I see it popping out all over the planet.
You have just been tagged. Your IT.
Shine On
I So Love You
PS You may be in a moment of pain and if you think there is something “wrong” you will be creating more. But when you can let go and smile to yourself then there can be nothing ‘wrong” and whatever it is can be dealt with and has to pass. And if you are having difficulty getting started here is a conversation that will get you going.
And if this does not work check your pulse, you may be Dead.
PPS: You are interacting in a “movie”. When it is a drama it is “Game on”. When you are in “Watcher/Smile” its is “Game over”. Your choice Precious Souls.

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