17 October 2020

Let No One Mess with Your Awesomeness ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 17 October 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

I hear a call and there are a few of you here right now who need to hear this.
Whether it is in your mind memories of the past or is happening to you in a current relationship with partner, family, friend, co-worker, or acquaintance.
Don’t let anyone Mess with your Awesomeness.
Even amongst “lightworkers’ there are subtle and not so subtle attempts to “put you in your place”. Listen to that inner Heart whisper and first thought is right thought.
Your own ‘highest’ welfare is your priority and to do this you take back All your Sovereignty and All your Power. 
Never put your Truth feeling aside for someone else’s that you do not align with even though it may mean you walk alone for a while. No one has a right to any of it but you Precious Souls.
All bets are off.
There is No more karma and all 3D contracts and obligations you have ever made are null and void unless you Now consciously, knowingly, willingly, and lovingly choose to renew them and honour them in an entirely New Unconditional paradigm.
I So Love You

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