13 October 2020

Magic All Around You ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 12 October 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

Magic All Around You.
Take a gentle deep breath. Just think of the breath you take. In a litre of breath you take in 6 x 10 with 23 zeros after it, atoms made up of countless light (adamantine) particles.
Each one with consciousness, with the Infinite Possibilities of Creation.
And with every breath you take in this amazing potential, this cosmic “soup”, this elixir of the Gods. And it is Consciousness and it is all potential to Love.
Think of this, ....
No, .... feel it.
Your every breath is pure consciousness, pure Light. pure Love, pure God. And knowing this and visualising it as brilliant Golden Light, consciously imagining and breathing it, it becomes the potential within and around you to “play’ with.
Just a thought, an expanded vision and feeling of the Field in which you are, the Field of Ypu, and have your existence, is enough to bring that magic, that LIGHT, that delight into the reality of your Knowing.
So dearest friends whenever you think of it, breathe it knowingly into yourself, the magnificent energetic of your next creation. Not even the sky is the limit.
Shine On
I So Love You.

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