10 October 2020

Maintaining Your Home as a Portal of Light ~ Diana Cooper ~ 10 October 2020

Source: Diana Cooper
Maintaining your home as a portal of light
When your home is a light portal there is a dome of light all over your space. Within this you are protected. Only higher beings can enter, for you have created a gateway for them. Your portal can be seen by the angelic realms, the galactic beings and all other forces in the universe. And within it you can develop yourself as a spiritual beacon.
Obviously you build your portal by developing your personal frequency, such as:
  • Practising kindness, love, generosity, courage and other positive qualities (forgive yourself for being human!)
  • Lots of laughter, positivity and happiness.
  • Spiritual practices, chanting, prayer, meditation, yoga etc.
  • Building an altar or a crystal grid as a focal point.
  • Calling in higher energies to flow through the space.
  • Lower energies can only enter your personal space if you invite them in.

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