09 October 2020

Metatronic Numerology: 7/88 Dual Frequency~The Body is a Temple ~ Essence Ka tha'ras ~ 8 October 2020

Source: Shambahalla New Earth

The Metatronic Numerology “I AM” keyword phrase for the 7/88 Dual Frequency is…

I AM the Ancient Temple of the Self fully Known. In this Knowing, the Knowledge of Sacred Geometry & Divine Engineering for Use in the Creation of Realities is Unlocked

Within this frequency is found the assistance in coming to fully understand what is meant by the words “the body is a temple“.

This simple statement, shared across time in slightly different words by so many Ancient and contemporary Masters of Knowledge, holds valuable information in exactly how the Human Spiritual-Biological Form (physical human body) is used as a Sacred Tool in the Creation of Reality.

The knowledge accessible when we, first individually and then collectively, come to understand the depth of this statement is something most have not begun to comprehend at even a basic level. Yet this knowledge has been, and continues to be, held in safe keeping by Masters of Knowledge across time and space until a point in time when humanity once again reawakens to the truth of the power they hold in the process of the Creation of Realities they, individually and collectively, experience.

Clues to understanding the knowledge contained within this frequency can be found in the study and combining of information found in the seemingly separate areas of Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, (sound, color, vibrational form) Sacred Movement, Mantras, Physical and Energetic Diets & more.

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