16 October 2020

New Earth: It's Here, Now ~ Judith Kusel ~ 16 October 2020

Let's embrace and anchor in this New Reality. Let's energetically occupy this New Reality more and more. Let's focus on it as much as possible, as often as possible....

Source: Judith Kusel

The good news is that so much of the old density, that which has held humanity prisoner in the 3D, has now been lifted, as the 3D, disintegrates into the highest degrees. 
I was shown this so clearly today, and more than this, the higher frequencies of the 5th to 7th dimensional state are pouring in. I cannot find words adequate to describe what I am being shown, but suffice is to say, the New Earth, is totally here now, and operating in a much higher dimensionl frequency bands. 
Understand that all of Creation is indeed spiralling, and tiers of spirals, all created on different vibrational frequency bands. Thus some is visible and some invisible. Some in material form, others in etheric forms. Yet, all is one Omni-Versal Creation. 
There are many spirals of octaves of vibrational frequency bands. Each Universe holds one single octave, and all Universes combine to form the Omni-Versal Octave AS ONE. 
Think of a symphony orchestra and each instrument therein presenting a band of frequency. When they all combine AS ONE, you create an octave of vibrational frequency, thus one single Spiral. Yet within this spiral, there are many spirals, and all combine as ONE single Creation.
As the Earth now moves up the spirals of Dimensional vibrational frequency, she is expanding on all fronts. Indeed, all life and forms of life, is taking on a much higher vibrational frequency band. Indeed, the more tuned in you become, the less dense you become. You are much lighter and brighter. You operate on a much higher vibrational scale. 
We are in the midst of total re-creation. Our bodies are being recreated into the higher Adam Kadmon Body, the higher light frequency body, and thus into a new and much higher vibrational form of Physicality. Many souls will at this time, choose to lose the density completely and move into a much higher octave of existence.
Many will leave the planet and physical form, because they no longer can hold its form and choose to return to their own home galaxies. 
Many will cling to the old 3D forms, and the old illusions of the 3D because of fear or because of being still fast asleep. Yet, intense wake calls will come and many will awaken.
Whatever state you are now in - understand that you will still need to deal with the 3D in some form or another. Yet, always try to come back to the higher frequency and the higher state and seek the stillness, the knowing deep within yourself. Your best navigational tools and tuning systems lie deep within yourself and your infinite Source connection. Your Divine Connection, the Infinite Source, is there within you always. Guiding, shaping, transforming, transfiguring with great Love, Light and Wisdom.
Nothing is outside of you anymore. All is inside.
Yet, stillness and spending time in Mother Nature and in close proximity to her, will assist you immensely, for Mother Earth has already been through the transition and transfiguration and is carrying you. 
In the next few months and years we will be going through accelerated energetic shifts as we assume our higher bodies and the much higher vibrational frequency form of life on planet earth.
Indeed, this has but begun in earnest. All is accelerated motion now.
Judith Kusel

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