17 October 2020

New Moon Renewal Activation ~ Jessica Delmar ~ 16 October 2020

This renewal activation is one of pure enlightenment

Source: Jessica Delmar

This New Moon offers a powerful opening to a portal held between this New Moon and October 31’s Full Moon. This time is a time of RENEWAL. But this new Renewal activation is one of pure enlightenment.

In order to receive this new form of Renewal energy, you must release the built-up energy held within the deep crevices within. This built-up energy is old, ancient energy. You have reached some of the deepest layers within you, and now is the time to acknowledge and release.

A lot of this energy is stored in your hips. The hips connect you to your ancients, ancestors and past lives. Open and stretch the hips to help lift the energy. It will rise great depth within you, which will bring much to the surface. But this space is being held for you to meet all that rises with grace, unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion.

This New Moon and portal, stretch the hips, open space with breath, and bridge past, present and future through your NOW Moment intentions of RENEWAL.

What intentions do you have for yourself as you step into a new state of enlightened being? How does this new state of enlightened being NOT align with where you are right NOW? Once you bring understanding to this within, you will know what within you desires to be released.
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