10 October 2020

October 2020 Ascension update: Timeline Completion | Facing Inner Challenges ~ Glacia Rain ~ 9 October 2020

This is easily one of the most balanced guidance I've come across for navigating our paths forward  in the right direction. Here's the link for this update from Glacia Rain.

Glacia talks about our disengaging from synthetic timelines which had inserts to derail many from their paths. I especially appreciated this, because it's what I've personally experienced and seen in others ~ generally yes, we create our reality, but at the same time, we have dark control agendas. And as Glacia specified, we've been on Artificial Timelines.

She also reminds us that everything is accelerated now, and the releasing and inner work we have to do is allowing us to move forward into our own authentic paths.

Glacia also addresses ascension symptoms and coping mechanisms.


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