16 October 2020

October: Summary ~ MTVO ~ 15 October 2020

Source: MTVO

In the previous months, we've unlocked the energy centers:
1: REU (Soul Map Disk)
2: AUM (Human Potential Disk)
3: MAY (Divine Feminine)
4: LEE (Divine Masculine)
5: SAH (Reality)
6: NA (Space)
7: DAH (Matter)
8: JAH (Time)
This month, we will extensively be working with the 9th Energy Center: HU (Purification /Travel) and the 10th Energy Center: EM (Heaven). 
Each disk or energy center represents an infinite concept that we have the potential to unlock and embody within our very own being.
'Sound Sequence Set 4' available on our YouTube Channel: MTVOTeam, can be supportive in the process of expanding our awareness of these energy centers. 
Enjoy Exploring! 

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