13 October 2020

Pam Gregory and Bracha Goldsmith - Reasons to Celebrate! ~ Bracha Goldsmith & Pam Gregory ~ 10 October 2020

Wow. I couldn't believe my ears when Pam Gregory said that what she sees goes beyond Astrology, and it's "energetic, and possibly Galactic" in nature ~ she even thinks that it will raise the level of Astrology. (Pam has briefly mentioned a possibility of a Galactic-type "disclosure" before.) Both Pam and Bracha Goldsmith give their views on this.

(I will also carefully mention that I've given my opinion before ~ here ~ about Astrology "missing" something, like an absent link or sector.)

Pam and Bracha both also talk about feeling the energy shifting this week! There's a great (Galactic) discussion going on here between the two.

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