16 October 2020

Rewriting HUstory: Into the Revelation Phase ~ Sandra Walter ~ 15 October 2020

"How we get there, and how tumultuous it is can be GREATLY aided, steered and assisted by activated hearts in service."

An important update from Sandra Walter, for those called to read. Our inner work continues, apart from service, regardless of how advanced we believe we are.

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

A passage we have all seen and felt is about to reveal another layer. The frequencies are flowing in to support an acceleration of our Revelation phase. We utilize our Heart compass and discernment to navigate this rushing river of change.

The Ascension trajectory (Primary Christed Timeline) is already an inevitable conclusion to this Divine HUstory of Gaia. How we get there, and how tumultuous it is can be GREATLY aided, steered and assisted by activated hearts in service.

Activated Hearts are holding the Balance, Peace and Highest Outcomes for all concerned. Remember: In any moment as the 2020 dismantling intensifies and revelations step forth, personal or collective, you may pause, unplug from the reaction ripples, align with your Christed Heart, and command forth Peace, grace and stability to the unified field.

We do this every SUNday in our Unity Meditations. All hearts in service to the organic Ascension are welcome to participate. It is a training ground for Peacemakers and Responsible Creators.

The next weeks provide an uptick in old-reality-shaking, recoding energies.

The SUN (Solaris) was completely recoded a few months ago. The PRISM has changed again, so new realities can be projected by our greater beingness. Reality-shifting codes are blazing through in this Now. This is related to the solar-flashing experiences and precognitive visions many have had since last December. The recoding provides the instrument for our 2020 perception-shifting conclusion.

This is a passage to Master your own narrative, internally and externally. Rewrite HUstory in this Now with your thoughts, feelings, visualizations, and Christed actions.

Please read on....

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