13 October 2020


A Just-Me post, to document some topics covering the past fortnight or so.


On the 5th of October, I woke up with a very distinct feeling that I didn't quite understand or decipher, but one thing was for sure ~ it felt so much "brighter" than the previous fortnight. The days prior had not felt very good ~ anxiety and general sense of being unsettled that I felt was coming from the Collective. I know there were some Astrological stuff that contributed to that, but since I have almost nil knowledge of that subject, I will speak about it energetically.

When I felt that particular energy disruption dissipate, I was very relieved. I should have been much better at isolating the energy from my field, but I had most unfortunately at the same time allowed myself to be pulled into the parasitical nature of the division in the world that now resembles Twilight Zone, in an attempt to see the Bigger Picture. It was a very unwise thing to do, but it did yield many answers to the many questions I had asked myself for quite some time.

A couple of days later, Cobra came out with his update (A Short Message to the Surface Population), where he wrote:

Time frame between September 19th and October 4th was the moment of peak darkness for the surface of this planet. There were absolutely brutal attacks on many of the key Lightworkers and Ligthwarriors that sometimes led to physical consequences.
I was grateful for this explanation. It was a very challenging time, mentally, and I was very glad it passed. However, I've felt some "pushback" over the weekend that was quite strong ~ it's been better thereafter.


Colour Energies From/Via Our Sun

A couple of days ago when I checked in with our Sun, I received the gift of colours again. A lot of Turquoise and Aqua energies again, but this time the Turquoise was looking more greenish. I describe this with caution because I do remember Amanda Lorence saying that when there's Green coming off our Sun, the Big Shift will occur. While the colour I saw appears more green than in previous times, I will stress that it is not entirely Green. And as with all the other times, the colours were just "alive" and breathtakingly beautiful!


This has to do with my previous post "Diamond Crosses & Spine Activations", where I had described seeing the Spine receiving activations stage by stage. A couple of people suggested that this has to do with Kundalini, and Gigi Young actually came out with a post about Kundalini a few days later (here).  While not discounting that what I saw could be related to the Collective activation of Kundalini, I was also adamant that it wasn't entirely so. 

A few days passed, and I finally got my answer. I was listening to Judy Satori's session (The New Human: Activating our Divine Avatar Human Potential by Judy Satori ~ at about the 19-minute mark, I stopped what I was doing, rewound the video and paid close attention. Judy was talking about the New Energies coming in to strengthen us and increase our resilience, to work on our spine, to become strong instead of "spine-less". Eureka! This described perfectly what I saw, and I resonated fully with the information.

These Spinal Activations are not reserved just for an elite group or two. As I pointed out in my post, this is for all of Humanity, meant for all. So please don't worry that you will need to perform some ritual or activation or anything to receive. It's a very physical activation, so I do feel that there will be physical effects from the process, which will be on-going for quite some time.


Back to Cloud-Land

Yep, got my head in the Clouds again. The image above was taken on 8 October, a couple of days after I felt the lifting of the dense cloud of energies, no pun intended. As I type this, I'm getting "infected". So OK, the lifting of the infected dense cloud of energies that were present during those angst-riddled two weeks.

I know different people will interpret the photo differently, but for me, I feel that our Sun was "feeding" the Sprites some sort of energy frequency. Couple more photos of that morning, with one of them presenting the unintended effect of a nice Rainbow lens flare. 

Below are more photos of massive Sprites, which I took on 24 September as I was travelling long-distance as a passenger. The formations stretched across the Sky, although the photos do not present that vastness. Over a distance of the equivalent of two hours in the 4-hour journey, the Sprites took centre-stage in the Sky.

Although the three photos above were taken on 24 September, I did not notice the "waves" (they resemble spines/ribs!) that seem to be emanating from the Sprites, until I cropped them minutes ago for this post.

Namaste and Brilliant Blessings! πŸ’–

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