14 October 2020

Starseed-Lightworker Call ~ Essence Ka tha'ras ~ 13 October 2020

This is timely.
“Starseed~Lightworker", it is not only time to realign the focal direction and point of the"Ray of Light" you shine forth, it is also Time you reevaluate the Source of the "Light" you are shining forth."

Krone Essence Ka tha’ras
International Koalition of Krones

Metatronic Numerology
I AM keyword phrases...

6/55 Dual Frequency

I AM That Which Is Aware of the Responsibility of Clearly Hearing the Voice of Love. I AM Responsible for Anchoring Love’s Message of Rebalancing within the Collective Field of Humanity. I AM Starseed

6/66 Dual Frequency

I AM Love. I AM Responsible for Rebalancing All in Need. I Move through Time Attaining Wholeness

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