18 October 2020

The Ego Death: October - November 2020 ~ Alyonna Angelica ~ 16 October 2020

 For those who have done the work, for those who survived the dark night of the soul, gone through the isolation, the pain ~ The Ego Death, the current energy may only bring minor setbacks. For others, the universal intervention will be big, burning your ego to the ground. There may be endings ~ in marriages, relationships, friendships, jobs, losing someone or something very dear to you. Some of you may fall ill at this time or be made to see your own toxic traits.
Remember that every darkness you go through is an opportunity for you to go inwards and turn on your inner light. To awaken, rise like the Phoenix and see this illusion we live in for what it is.

 Source: Alyonna Angelica

This can be a time for sudden and rapid transformations as well as shocking or unexpected revelations or incidents.
- Alyonna Angelica

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