18 October 2020

The Great Master Plan ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 17 October 2020

How I've seen it is living a double life as a Secret Agent who is unable/unwilling to divulge the truth, presenting one facade when with family and (unaware) friends (keeping 🀐 as much as possible), and opening up into Authenticity when "safe"....

Source: Nicky Hamid

End Game: The Real Conspiracy Part I
I am not one for Conspiracy Theories but here is one that would be worth your while to entertain.
We have come here across the Cosmos as System Busters. Adults in the awakening, teens in rebellious turmoil, and children in the knowing.
Come to choose and see Love each in our unique expression and perfect placement (assignment).
“Hand (Heart) picked” this moment. You have come as a Living breathing physical conduit for your Lovingness. Infiltrators in every walk of life, Shining the photon Light, enlivening and calling it out in everyone in your vicinity.
Secret agents fulfilling your mission on a need to know basis. Which means that you do not know what you are going to do next and you may not see the effect but it is part of a Great Plan, the Divine Mother’s Plan for the liberation of HUman Consciousness and the Creating of a Golden Age on Nova Gaia.
And no person, Being or Master knows exactly How it will unfold. You just know that the blueprint is written indelibly in your cellular nature and from your Heart.
A Divine secret that cannot be voiced but is known deep within you. You are here to experience the unfolding of The Master You ARE through the experience and embrace of all that your days bring to you. 
YOU are a unique piece of the Great Master Plan.
It is a Divine Opportunity that you were overjoyed to participate in. It is not an experience nor just a service that you are giving and then going back “Home” as soon as you can.
The success of the Mission requires us all to live and play together in acceptance and harmony, and the completion is Inevitable.
The invincible weapon of the Armageddon is of course, you guessed it, The Universal, Unconditional LOVE each one of us carry.
And the fuse is set (or the Bow is drawn).
Aimed straight and TRUE. Warriors every one of you.
I So Love You
PS You have experienced 3D and in your REMEMBERING, everything you have Known is turned on its head. Knowing only the Present of who you ARE and what you are Eternally Unified with, and firmly grounded on Gaia you aim True without seeing a singular target. Strong and steadfast and in complete Knowing (Faith) you…….. Let GO.

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