16 October 2020

The Great Plan ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 15 October 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

Someone from USA asks: “I have great intuition but how do we live with this debacle and live a spiritual life...?”
How can anyone believe sanely that anyone, standing on the world stage representing USA, can save us from ourselves.
In this “debacle” more and more people are coming to this realization, so what a wonderful opportunity to change beliefs this “Hollywood production” is presenting. The old world is beyond “Saving” and it is only a fool that could believe that they can change a worn out and defunct , and crumbling construction on their own as human affairs stand at the moment.
And so in every way we are being forced to look within for an answer. To look beyond the fear. And fear is of the not knowing and having the belief that you need to know in order to be prepared.
But this feeling could just as easily be Excitement. Excitement about surprises to come, Knowing that you have, or will be given everything you will ever need to fly through to More of who you are.
To be able to say "Wow Universe, thankyou. Bring it on"
So who but YOU can be the “Saviour” from your fear.
So You Smile to yourself in the Knowing of who you are and your own Becoming. And you create in your life, AS YOU FIND IT, the frequency of who you are now.
And the trick is NO MORE IDENTIFICATION with the reality of the “matrix” playing out the last acts.
There is a much Bigger Plan at work and NOBODY holds exclusive access to the Blueprint. NO ONE.
You cannot fix what is passing by as old worn out dreams (nightmares).
WE are building something entirely different and it starts in our living the reality of our expanded vision and lucid dreams. Chosen in moment to moment Now time. The only time that can be.
You already have your piece of the GREAT PLAN BURIED WITHIN YOUR HEART. You get to read it step my step through your day to day reading of your own Heart. And as a beautiful safeguard Your piece of the Big Plan can only be accessed by You following a deeper, and deeper Heart Knowing fired through the background of your ever increasing unconditional and Universal LOVE
Do You Get IT?
Oh, of course you do, because you ARE Remembering.
I So Love You

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