14 October 2020

The Nature Of Divine Relationship ~ Asur'Ana ~ 13 October 2020

Source: Aligning With Earth

Divine relationship is a state of being in which there is an intermarriage of energy flow throughout the field that is sustained by the two. The intermarriage of energetic flow is sustained as sacred tantric fusion. Tantric fusion suspends a connection between all centers associated with knowledge, vision, dreaming, love, divine will, and the kundalini energy flow. Tantric fusion is a state of being long forgotten except for perhaps the most mastered of those of esoteric synergy today. Tantric fusion creates a complete marriage of union between the two, and was a revered state to master in ancient times.


Mastering a State of Tantric Fusion

Tantric fusion creates a very different relationship than relationship known today between the male and female. Relationship of tantric union sustains a state of synergistic beauty and a love that is so deep that ecstasy is experienced in each rise of completion in mastery. The ecstasy is the result of the complete surrender of the beloved unto self and one another.

Surrender is a state of being in which one lets go into the void of infinite possibility and releases unto the divine within oneself along with one’s partner all attributes of self. As the attributes of self release, one is purified in the flame of divine union. In the void there is a synergy of reflection of love that is mirrored unto one another in such a large context that there is only love and nothing more. Love this deep is pure magic to experience and when offered is a divine life in the making for the two.

The divine partnership life is about the mastery of the divine flame within. Mastery is founded upon photonic movements that ignite the flame of divine union between the two in tantric light wave synergy. The divine flame causes an ecstatic state of being to be experienced in the nervous system of the light wave brain and tantric body; as the divine flame ignites, the light wave brain and tantric body work together to foster the experience of love within and between the two. Each level of mastery ignites the divine flame a little more greatly leading to the experience of heightened love. Heightened love is also a synergistic connection between the heart void which expands to encompass the two.


Tantric Beloved Relationships

Tantric beloved relationships cause a different variety of tantric fusion than what is created between twin flames. There are many types of twin flame relationships. Divine twins create a relationship that causes a special nature that is of a holographic script of divine union of an extreme and often difficult nature. Those of divine twin nature are unique and are rarely present in a relationship except in times of mastery in any cycle. More commonly, there are tantric beloved relationships between other types of twins who also create a unique synergy of fusion that is also beautiful to experience.

Synergy of fusion is a special light wave formation that involves many movements that are esoteric in nature and invoke a level of truth within. The truth within is of pure light and holds light-based scripts and thoughtform along with planes of dreaming to attune unto between the twin flames. The dream planes are associated with relationship in tantric fusion and non-fusion. Fusion unites a relationship in union and non-fusion dissipates the unity of the two. There are other forms of fusion that may result in other types of scripts other than divine relationship and they are not tantric in nature but involve groups and family.

Tantric translates into synergy of the couple or the divine pair that choose to unite in the truth of love of the two. The love of the two is a special place for a pair to venture unto and has many possibilities associated. The divine pair may choose to live together or simply be a tantric couple that engages periodically to experience the synergy that they relish within. Synergy creates a natural high but also causes certain chemicals to be released within the brain which may mimic certain drugs available today; however, it is a natural experience and without the side effects of drug use. Drug use will interfere with the natural high of a sincere state of tantric fusion and therefore it not recommended.

Tantric twins are those who are of parallel archetypal resonance and have a special union due to the magnetism between genealogies and cellular structures. The genetics of divine twins causes an attraction to an extreme. In other dimensions of creation, divine twin relationship was revered and preferred simply due to the potent synergy possible. Today and upon Earth, the opposite may be true as to the degree the twins attract, they also repel in extreme polarity. The attract-repel nature creates nemesis dreaming that can be caustic in nature. The origins of nemesis karma are associated with twins that repel; and it is in the rejection of the twins that the origins of non-love lie. As one twin rejects the other in nemesis thoughtform, which is non-love in all of its actions, including hatred.

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