14 October 2020

The Pulse: 14 - 18 October 2020 ~ Gene Key 32: Failure | Preservation | Veneration ~ Richard Rudd

The highest purpose we humans have is to live well
Source: Gene Keys

The Pulse – 14 Oct to 18 Oct – The 32nd Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Failure to the Siddhi of Veneration and it is the Way of Preservation

Ancestral Reverence

"The highest purpose we humans have is to live well.

To live well and savour more moments, to sip from the arc of aeons, to revel in the riot of colour that’s our life, to see the poetics of nature and not pass them by. That’s such an art. All the money in the world isn’t worth the ability to learn the art of living well. "

- Excerpt from 64 Ways

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