13 October 2020

We Can Start to Build Bridges ~ Lee Harris ~ 12 October 2020

We can start to build bridges
Source: Lee Harris

The more you can be aware of your stuff at a human level and what you have gone through, the more useful you can be in helping the healing on the planet right now. ⁣
Our own, and also what needs to be brought to this outside world. ⁣
And there is a lot of healing that is coming up this year. We've already seen these crisis points, this rising of certain areas, certain groups. ⁣
Healing has been first and foremost, and it's going to continue. I mean, that's going to be a theme over the next few decades. ⁣
We, as a society are going to become more and more aware of how the ills on the planet are driven by the ills inside us. ⁣
Again, not comfortable, not always fun, but when you get to a certain point with that, and you start to recognize what your own stuff is and have a bit more facility to, with compassion or grace or understanding, be able to work with other people's stuff, then we can start to build bridges.⁣
The reason I bring bridges up is I know that sometimes the extreme reaction that we can have is to want to just smash everything down and start again, break everything down, let everything destruct. ⁣
One of the messages my guides have given me many times over the last decade is they say, even though many of you panic about what you're seeing in the world, the timelines on the planet have been a lot smoother, slower and more graceful than they could have been. Meaning things could have been a lot worse, a lot sooner. ⁣
So there is a steadiness to this time, that's giving us all a grace period to some degree to figure out what the solutions need to be for the planet as a whole. ⁣
And this is a real turning point year, 2020, and the next three, four years are going to be crucial in terms of what we as a people can do to start to enact change in this coming decade.⁣
-From the October 2020 Energy Update⁣

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