11 October 2020

Your Heart Compassion is Needed Now ~ Lee Harris ~ 10 October 2020

Your Heart compassion is needed now
Source: Lee Harris

Heart expansions through struggle, challenge, and shock are happening for many now. If that isn't happening to you, you'll be having a lot of heart compassion for those going through those things.\
Many of us have been through several dark nights of the soul. It's often what those who wake up go through. So you can have a lot of compassion when you see someone in that impact, when life has hit them and they're really in shock or in fight, or flight, or freeze. 
So you might be a real compassionate heart to those in your life right now. And that's something that you'll be finding it really joyous to give.
There will be many of you who are riding a new experience of, “Wow, I can really just be here in my heart for my friend or my family member in a way that they didn't let me before, or I wasn't capable of before, or I was a bit shier. And I'm not having to do a lot. It's not like I'm giving them endless hours of counseling. I'm just able to be here for them in my heart, and it seems like it's doing them some good.” 
And equally, some of you will be getting really active around that. There are lots of people right now who need help in different ways. 
And many of you will be creating structures, activities, ways to help people, and that's fantastic. That's really needed right now.
-From the October 2020 Energy Update

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