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    1. Hi Ron...I am having trouble understanding a lot of the wording used in details of how we need to do certain things to help us in 5D or to access it more easily...Lastm year I had a lot of my life pop up and stare at me and I didn't know why...but I faced these people and apologised to them and told them I forgive them for whatever...
      I was so amazed at what came up... details from as a child...
      I have forgiven all that needed to be forgiven and forgave myself as well...
      I believe myself to be an Empath.. I have depression that's lifting and am a little anxious that I will be left behind as I cant understand what is needed to be done before we All go to the new world...please help even if its pointing me in another direction to get this information.I have been reading so many blogs and they are all similar in their wording... G.

      hi Ron....

      1. Hello :) Please know that you have left this comment on my blog, and not on Ron Baker's own website. I suggest you write to him via his website, here's the link:

        I hope you receive the assistance you seek. Please don't worry about whether you'll get left behind or not. Just stay Heart-centered and connect with your own Higher Self as much as possible. Be kind to yourself :) Wishing you all the best, Blessings

    2. Hi Grace recently had a opportunity to be in the great pyramid of Cheops and to meditate
      In the well I saw a green emeral
      In the queens chamber I sang Elohim
      In the kings chamber I saw two aliens one blue and one green like greedo from star wars talking
      This started me on my path to this site
      I’m blown away at the moment

      1. Hi Vanessa, and welcome to The Earth Plan :)

        "Blown away" is a very good state to be in :D I love your visions ~ oooh.... what an activation for you!

        May you continue on your Soul Path and shining your Light bright! Blessings