** Text: We, ourselves, are the Hope of Humanity.
We are the ones who are the last part of the
long, complex and convoluted equation.
Seven billion strong....
We are a Divine Force that can flip the script
by switching on the Light.
We just need to **
4 November 2015

Mother Gaia is ascending, with Humanity in tow. This transition is a time of immense changes and transformation, and every awakened individual has much inner work to do as well as to actively participate in whatever manner possible to assist the Collective Consciousness.

At this point going forward, the assumption made on this blog is that we've already initiated the process of our own inner clearing and integration (still ongoing) and are well along this transition path. The focus now expands to include what we can do to be of service.

We each shine our Light in our own individual way ~ we just need to listen to our own inner/Divine guidance and answer the call of our higher purpose.

Every Soul matters, every iota of Light counts.



  1. Divine Laura, when I read your words, every so often I dive into another dimension, it is as if Truth is revealing itself through your expressions. Through your sincerity, insight and faith, you allow those who hear you , see you, or read your words, to be allowed a glimpse into that which is the most familiar. You are truly an oasis, every few steps offering fresh waves of insight, 'o yes!" and 'aha".....what a gift to us all on earth. THANKYOU AND CONTINUE TO BE YOUR SELF with love, Margje

    1. Thank you, dear Margje. I'm Grace, owner of this blog. I think you could have mistaken me for someone else :) Blessings


  3. This message is just as relevant today.
    Its beautiful, thank you for sharing it so simply and well put.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate that very much :) Many Blessings to you!