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  1. To the person who left a comment here recently, please could you re-comment? I accidentally deleted your comment. Thanks

  2. Hi, i'm trying to find out if there is anything on the web that Andrew Bartzis and Mataís De Stefano collaborated on... Or whether they even know of eah other or not. (I'm sure they MUST, as it seems they possess extraordinarily similar gifts for accessing the Akash).

    When i put the two names together into a google search, your blog came up. I found mention of Andrew Bartzis in the blogpost that my Google search initially linked to, but not Mataís de Stefano...

    Most of the links that came up on my google search had nothing to do with EITHER of these 2 individuals!

    1. Hello :) As as far as I know, they haven't collaborated together. And from what I understand so far, google is resolutely and mercilessly controlling what shows up when we search. I've found that the listings for "non-mainstream" material is much less now when searching.

      Many Blessings