12 July 2020

Etheric/Energy Cords: Dissolve, Not Cut

Energy Cord-Cutting is a practice that's quite commonly advocated by many to resolve karmic or negative ties that adversely impact our lives. Recently, I came across a post by someone in a closed group that brought this topic up for discussion. The individual mentioned that a Hawaiian Kahuna had advised that cutting cords will leave behind remnants that could post problematic in future.

I have personally cut energetic cords before, several times. With gusto and fortissimo enthusiasm. I finally realised it wasn't working very well for me, and did wonder what I was doing wrong since it seemed that it worked so well for so many others. I finally made peace with the situation, and asked my Divinity to help me release them all ~ an inner shift was the result.

While I didn't use the word "dissolve", I certainly did not have the cords "cut". I asked for release, and allowed the process to divinely unfold.

So when I came across this post, it certainly gave me a huge AHA-Lightbulb-flashing moment. It made perfect sense to me, and I felt that I should bring it up here for you to consider.

Grateful thanks to the individual for posting the information ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’–

Namaste and Bright Blessings!

Nurture Your Heart Energy ~ Lee Harris ~ 10 July 2020

Source: Lee Harris

Your heart energy isn't something that you always have to be showering on others. Sometimes you get depleted, you get tired, you have to step back.

Your heart energy is the part of you that can feel that your heart is alive and connected because when that goes away for too long, we start to spin off our center.

When we are too in fear, when we are too in fear thoughts, when we are too in extreme traumatic circumstances, we start to forget how to feel and locate our heart energy.

So whatever it takes for you to find your heart energy, do find it and keep feeding and nurturing it.

Give yourself good people, places, things, experiences regularly to keep yourself balanced.

- From the July 2020 Energy Update

Watch the full Update here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/july-2020-energy-update

Spirit Drive: Withdrawing from Lack ~ Brad Johnson ~ 9 July 2020

Here's the link for the video ~ transcending lack in all forms.

Brad Johnson speaks on a communication he received from Spirit regarding the withdrawing from lack. http://www.newearthteachings.com

11 July 2020

Preparations for Extenders are Energised with Light ~ Gaia Portal ~ 11 July 2020

Source: Gaia Portal

Preparations for extenders are energized with Light.
Solar gains transpire.
Heavens of Galactic connections are seen. 

Inner Healing: Only Truth Can Set You Free ~ Matt Kahn ~ 10 July 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

Inner healing becomes most difficult and insufferable when thinking you should be further along than you are.

There is nothing to prove. Just moments of truthfulness to admit, no matter how vulnerable, unloveable, broken, or unworthy it makes you feel.

From this space of unwavering authenticity — only the truth can set you free.

Tapping In As A Soul ~ Lee Harris ~ 9 July 2020

Source: Lee Harris

It is the case that when you tap in to anything that is soul-focused - meditation, manifestation, intention, vision - a practice that lets your soul re-enter your body and the smallness of your human mind open up, what you are actually doing in that moment is connecting - not so much to the oneness that you think you are - but, in fact, you are connecting to all of the souls on the planet that are part of your group. ⁣

So when you are tapped -in as a soul, you are not tapped -in alone. ⁣

And the wider energy that you start to feel in those moments is because you are directly connecting with the souls of others. ⁣

It is why so many of you get in, (what you would call,) sync. ⁣

- From Why Your Soul Came to Earth MP3 ⁣
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Do Not Prejudge Yourself ~ Lee Harris ~ 10 July 2020

Source: Lee Harris

Do not prejudge yourself.

Many of you see yourself with distorted eyes. Yes, you have cracks and dents as human beings - that is normal. Every human being has cracks and dents.

Every human being is wearing their piece of the cracked, dented human suit that you are all in as one big collective. Meaning, there is self-doubt that exists in the collective and you will wear your piece of that. There is grief that exists in the collective and you will wear your piece of that. And you do not wear those pieces every day. It might be that some of you go 45 years in your life before self-doubt finally hits you - it finally comes in and surprises you.

But remember what you are doing is trying on every aspect of humanity as you go through your human journey. So you get to dance with all of these pieces, run them through your system, process through them, clean them and then return them back out to humanity.

What you heal in yourself becomes a blueprint for others.

- From The Zs on 2020-2022: The Rise of Light and Heart MP3

Learn more: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/goR37onh

Clip: Law of Freedom ~ Jason Estes #50 ~ Time and the Unknowable

No one is free until each is free and freeing each other.

Source: MTVO (with video clip)

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