30 August 2011

Letting Go A Piece Of Your Heart - Brenda Hoffman

"Letting Go" has been become a way of life for many who are on the awakening path. Adopted as a sort of mantra to help assuage the emotional waves that accompany this process, we either let go of our own accord (willingly/reluctantly), or we found ourselves in a situation where we were let go. And we've had to go through this process so many times in so many different circumstances, we may even find that the process is actually becoming easier to deal with. We don't battle it anymore. Or rather, we just give up fighting it.

Sometimes it felt like we've let go so much there's nothing left to let go, then we turn the corner and there it is, waiting for us...yet something/someone/whatever else to let go!

This article by Brenda Hoffman helps to validate a lot of what has been happening in the Let Go Department, especially over these past days.If you need some comfort and assurance, this may just do the trick. At the very least, you will know that you are not alone in this seemingly endless process!

27 August 2011

2012 - A Message of Hope

This 25-minute video is positive, encouraging and uplifting. It is definitely a message of hope, peace, and more. Yes, I know it's a bit long, but it's well put-together accompanied by good music, much of it from Blood Diamonds. Download and view at leisure :)

There are snippets from Jim Carey, Deepak Chopra, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Grandmother Kiesha and others. Gregg Braden is also included, talking about the immense power of heart "waves" and how it can affect manifestation. We also get to see a bit about the Bosnian Pyramid and the man who discovered them, Semir Osmanagic; there is also some footage about the pyramids of the Guatemalan rainforest and those of the Japanese "Atlantis".

This video, uploaded by a beautiful soul known only as Mr Rockitman, covers some irrefutable proof of how meditation can affect consciousness; in particular, the ability of group meditation to alter the potentials of reality. It also reminds us how our own consciousness can directly impact the world around us. The video reiterates the call to awaken.

My little footnote
If we remember that "meditation" is something that is inherently basic and simple - that all it takes is for us to be in the present, consciously breathe, and to be still - then everyone is capable of meditating in his or her own way. It is just the act of going within and being aware; it does not require particular rituals, certain ceremony or specific tools.

Bashar - Crop Circles Explained

In this narrative that comes with many images of crop circles, Bashar through Darryl Anka provides invaluable information about the existence and creation of these expressions. Bashar explains that the creators of crop circles do not originate from just one specific civilisation, and more importantly, stresses our own role in their making. He talks of these formations as a means of communication in a Universal "language", and we can understand it in terms of feelings, tone, energy, symbols, even mathematics. They act as a bridge to higher consciousness, awakening us to our own ascension.

This is covered in the first section, which takes under three minutes. The next section of the video is a slide-show of some crop circles. Bashar finishes up the last couple of minutes with an appreciation and a reminder that we are always being assisted in our awakening.

Apologies to all the farmers adversely affected.


25 August 2011

Dolores Cannon - Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth

This is actually the title of Dolores Cannon's new book, due for release in September 2011. In this short clip (6:36 mins), she outlines the characteristics of the three main waves of volunteers who have come to Earth at this tremendously important time of the Great Shift to help in their own ways.

The First Wave would be the wayshowers, now in their 40s and 50s. They are the loners who do not feel like they belong "here". They paved the way for the others, and because of this, had the most challenging tasks in helping to raise the vibrational frequency and collective consciousness of Humanity.

Lightworkers in their 20s and 30s formed the Second Wave. Dolores describes them as the "antennae"; they tend to affect people around them with their positive energy, and in this, made a difference to their consciousness. They had a much easier time carrying out their duties due to the work already accomplished by the First Wavers.

Then we have the Third Wave; we know them as the "new kids" (they are invariably called Indigos, Crystals, Rainbow etc). They are the new-borns through the teens who already come in with their DNA re-wired and ready to go.

21 August 2011

Collective Timeline Exercise - Inelia Benz

This is a short 5-minute exercise led by Inelia Benz to focus on choosing a collective timeline of a healed, cleansed and vibrant Earth, while on this current lifetime.

It is a simple yet powerful visualisation where Inelia guides us to "scan" for a timeline where all the air and water on Earth is free from pollution, at the same time placing ourselves in this rejuvenated timeline.

Participate by going to Inelia's website or watching the video on Youtube.

20 August 2011

Fear of Catastrophe and 2012 - Pleiadian Collective through Wendy Kennedy

Memories of catastrophes from previous lifetimes are surfacing in the collective consciousness, becoming more apparent now as 2012 draws ever closer. In this message via Wendy Kennedy, the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective gives us timely and meaningful information about all the negative drama associated with the Shift. They tell us that we are currently in the 4th dimensional existence, enabling us to choose to create from a 5D and multi-dimensionality framework instead of from 3D and limited consciousness.

They also assure us that we are on track, having grown quantumly in consciousness. We just need to be aware that whatever fear that comes up for each individual needs to be acknowledged and released. August will present many opportunities for us to do just that.

Straight-talking with a positive and loving energy, the Pleiadian Collective also reminds us to stay heart-centred instead of operating from the mind, and to look "forward" to how we wish to create our New World.

04 August 2011

The Norwegian Tragedy - Masters of the Spirit World through Toni Ann Winninger

The tragic incident in Norway which left the country and the world stunned has created so much reaction globally. So many angles have been analysed; so many more remain unobserved. As always, if we truly wish to comprehend the unseen workings behind any act of hostility, we need to look at the bigger picture, beyond just the perceived human motivation.

Masters of the Spirit World through Toni Ann Winninger gives us a "higher" view of this incident and the potential implications and deeper meaning behind what we see. Remembering always that we are not just human beings -- as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin so wise and profoundly said -- we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are living a life on Earth for a reason, a purpose. And during this time of Ascension, we need to awaken to exactly that. We need to constantly remember our spiritual origins and existence.

When we begin to look at all things from just more than the human existence, we will begin to live that guiding principle in this time of immense transformations.

Margret Hofheinz-Döring/ Galerie Brigitte Mauch Göppingen