30 September 2011

Expectations - Pleiadian Collective through Wendy Kennedy

In this message, the Pleiadian Collective via Wendy Kennedy admits that they don't know what will happen for sure in the year 2012, which will be upon us in a matter of months. This is because the Ascension of both Earth and Humanity in tandem has never before occurred in all of their history; usually it's one or the other. In addition, the potential timelines for the months ahead are being created by us, moment by moment, based upon the vibration we are choosing to align with. In other words, we are the ones deciding the reality for ourselves.

They also talk about what life in the fifth dimension reality is like, and how vital it is for each of us to release our fears.

My favourite bit is when they said:

"...because you are not going to reveal the secrets to yourselves until you are ready to step out of the Game, because that would blow the illusion of the Game."


24 September 2011

The Rise of Atlantis - Spirit Science

This refreshing video (just under 12 minutes, and fast-paced at that, too!) is informative, witty and wise all at the same time. It's from a series that the creator calls "Spirit Science" - this segment deals with the Atlantean times, the sinking of Lemuria and the subsequent rise of Atlantis, and how the Naacals (Ascended Masters) prepared the land for habitation. This new land then became the energetic centre of Earth for quite some time.

There's also a short commentary about how the remaining two land vortices were later occupied by two extra-terrestrial races, one of which had a warring mind-set; this set the scene for the eventual unravelling of Humanity.

The creator of this video is Jordan Duchnycz and his website is Spirit Science.

Update: This video is the first of five parts (todate). For those who are interested, there is an interview with a young boy who is able to recall his last life on Mars before it was destroyed, as mentioned in the above video.

14 September 2011

Sitting On The Bridge Kit - David Hayward

Known as the "Naked Pastor", David Hayward describes himself as a graffiti artist on the walls of religion. I have used one of his cartoons before for my newsletter Amethyst Road, and I truly appreciate his views on spirituality, flavoured by his experience as a priest for 25 years before he left the institution. Since synchronicity led me to his site again while I was on a different site, here is his latest cartoon for you to enjoy. He doesn't need to say or draw many images to make his point! Visit his website for more thoughts to ponder.

There are so many bridges at our disposal to make manifest the reality of our unity.
But will we employ them?
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10 September 2011

The 4th Dimension - Jim Self

There's no denying the Ascension process is very hard work indeed. Just trying to understand the concepts of higher dimensions alone leaves our third dimension mind in mush.

Well, how would you like to learn a very simple way of being in the 4th dimension? It's so simple you won't even need to do much at all! Jim Self shows us how, in his video.

So for about 9 minutes, let's just forget about Merkabahs, DNA, Solfeggios, coloured flames, pineal activations etc. It's a good idea to remember the breathing though...

See you in the 4th -- and beyond!

03 September 2011

A Core Shift In Spatial Relationships - Renegade Thoughts

Renegade Thoughts is the name of one of Maryann Rada's websites; this is where she transcribes messages from a group she calls the Pleiadian Renegades. She describes them as "midwives for our collective transformation into the consciousness of divinity".

They tell a story about the Awakening that we are now undergoing on Earth; it is both delightful and wistful. I am attaching it below; to read the whole article please go to Renegade Thoughts.

"Long ago, on a world not so far removed from your own in space and time, known to its inhabitants as Cosmic Creation Number Nine, a panel of experts convened a sort of gathering of the people who put their names in a hat as part of a lottery. The winners were asked if they would take the core-shift route on their trip to photograph the paradise of a new world coming into being. They all agreed, more or less, and with pockets full of hope, they embarked. To the emergence of a new world birthed from the essence of their own they went, adventurers all, and into the phase of interdimensional time they seemed to disappear.

The world they found themselves in was twin to Cosmic Creation Number Nine in all ways but for the improbable factor of pirates having stolen the lock and key to the codes of creation and the additional challenge of the travelers having lost most of their memory. Of course there was little the lucky lottery winners could do but take photographs of everything they saw, and they soon had so many light-etched images that they began to get a little bit disorganized and confused. Where was the end point of this birth of paradise? Where were the scenes of beauty and wonder that would trigger their memories of home? They looked around to see only carnage and chaos, confusion and churning catastrophe. This was what they recorded.

To the world they came from, they sent worried messages in hope that help would come, that the nightmare would end, that peace would be. The world they came from said little in response, but urged them to keep taking in what they witnessed as photographic etchings of light. The worst was around them now, it was understood, and the images cast in light and shadow would make the understanding of facts more easily gained. The world they were visiting, while tumultuous and unpredictable, was indeed starting the final phase of transformation into what it was always promised to be. What the travelers were seeing and translating with their photography was pure energetic restructuring, core material reintegration. Keep knowing that, the impulse from home repeated. Keep knowing that, and be in place to catch the right angle of light for your open eyes to see.

So, thus emboldened to do what they came to do, the pride of Cosmic Creation Number Nine continued to snap photographs, capturing the arrangement of light and shadow to form the basis of a new understanding dawning that day, growing each day, until the time came for the celebration of a new birth."