26 October 2011

God's Facebook

I came across this delightful cartoon in my research for something that I was writing. Well, since I am a believer in synchronicity and not coincidence, I should say "I was led" rather than "I came across"!  :)

Thanks for this, Chakri!


20 October 2011

The 12 Universal Laws

Man-made laws can, at best, be fickle impositions subject to conditions that change with circumstances. Because of this, man-made laws can sometimes benefit only the select few or serve to further an unjust cause in the name of justice. There are cases, too many to even imagine, where the enforcement of man-made laws is at the expense of something (or someone) else; it all depends which side one is on.

Universal Laws, however, are just that -- universal. They apply to every soul, irregardless of race, creed or colour. They do not discriminate. They do not dissipate when pressured. They do not convert to something else when threatened. Most of all, they do not require enforcement by another person or party.

In these Awakening Times, the Universal Laws are paramount. Based on Milanovich and McCune's The Light Shall Set You Free, here is a video that summarises these laws. Please note that the owner inadvertently left out Law 4 : The Law of Correspondence, which states:

The principles or laws of physics that explain the physical world - energy, Light, vibration, and motion - have their corresponding principles in the etheric or universe. "As above, so below"

05 October 2011

ET 101 - Zoev Jho and Diana Luppi

This is a sort of trailer for the book. I heard about the book and then went on a short cyber-hunt to locate an online store that stocked it. My search finally took me to the author's own web-site, where limited quantities are still available. The good news is that there's an e-book version.

Back to this trailer: watch it, you won't regret you did. ET 101 is a Starseed's instruction manual for surviving on Earth, and a nudge in the ribs to awaken to the greater truths, your true origins and "planetary assignment". Humorous and yet poignant at the same time - "...we do not invade." Ah well...back to the mission.