26 November 2011

Love and Relationships in the Higher Dimensions - Jim Self

Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy explains the basis of love and relationships in higher dimensions in this 10 minute audio. In 3D, this is an issue that plagues all of us as we wrestle with the intricacies and complexities involved. Bearing in mind that we are constantly in some sort of relationship (friends, family, situations etc) each moment, as Jim Self points out, life can get a bit tricky if we approach it in a manner that doesn't quite honour the elements concerned -- which is usually the case coming from a 3D mindset.

In higher dimensions, the spiritual component in love and relationships forms the guiding basis instead of 3D ego. As we go through our shift in consciousness, the way and the focus in which we relate with people and situations around us also shift accordingly. We  move into a position of empowerment rather than one of need or control.

PS. I love brussel sprouts!

22 November 2011

Secrets of the Subterranean Cities - Sharula Dux

The total length of this four-part recording is about 2 hours, but it is well worth the time to listen in its entirety. Containing a wealth of information, Sharula Dux, who is from the Inner Earth city of Telos, acquaints us with her fifth-dimension world in preparation for our own Ascension into higher frequencies. Although I am not entirely sure which year the recording was made, I believe it could have been in the mid-90s.

There is also the option to read the transcript on this same website of Dianne Robbins. This may take less time, but in my opinion, it's better to listen to the recording because there is so much wonderful energy contained within Sharula Dux's spoken words. Some of the information she expounds on are:
  • Short history about Telos and Posedid
  • How the city of Telos is structured
  • Way of life
  • Diet
  • Architecture
  • Transportation
If you need more background information about Hollow Earth, this site (Brother Veritus' Website) has some useful references, including the account by Rear Admiral Richard E Byrd. The pictures of the opening at the North pole are amazing!

Note: I have posted these sources in the hope that I have not infringed on any copyright materials.

11 November 2011

Spirit Library 11:11:11

Just a quick update -- Spirit Library has devoted an entire section for messages and videos pertaining to 11:11:11...take your pick!

11:11 Portal of Light - Anrita Melchizedek

This meditation was actually for a Light Activation ceremony conducted by Anrita Melchizedek in 2010; there is a powerful activation that we can use even for today, which I am appending below for easy referral. You can also view the video in entirety (11 minutes); please also note that there is a complete transcription of this video in the same Youtube page.

"Invocation for the New Reality Paradigm

I call upon Mother/Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,
as I align with my Mighty I Am Presence,
the Highest Light of Who I Am and Who I
have Forever Been,
I now call for a complete activation of the 12 Strand DNA and a clearing of all limited beliefs and patterns I may hold at a cellular level,
so I may truly experience myself as this Master Being of Love and Light.

I now call upon the Company of Heaven and my I Am Presence to assist in downloading all the key codes of Light that I am needing in this Now,
to take me into unconditional Love and One Unity Consciousness."

09 November 2011

Re-set Into Mua - Solara's Surf Report November 2011

Okay...how are you feeling? Really? Me too! :)

These powerful energies keep amping up. I feel it's a very good idea to practically drown ourselves in clean, pure (well, as pure as possible) water just to prevent ourselves from being burnt to a crisp during this intense period. Oh yes, and remember the breathing too!

Solara's Surf Report for November says it all; scroll to the bottom of the website to read it. This is just the short (read: free) version, but you get the gist of how powerful it's going to be. If we haven't been getting real with ourselves, now is a particularly good time to begin. Pain isn't exactly fun...

Welcome to the Dawn of a brand new age.

Life will never be the same again.
We will never be the same again...YAY!!!!!!

Holding the Sun - Didi Supardi  www.stockvault.net

07 November 2011

Understanding The 11:11 Gateway - Selacia and Council of 12

As the countdown to 11:11:11 approaches, the energetic build-up leading to it is...indescribable. I told a friend it felt like having stage-fright just moments before you walk out to play the lead role at the premiere. So, breathe...breathe...breathe...

This particular gateway will likely be the most profound before the 12:12:12 activation. As always, there is so much information on the Internet about this alignment, some helpful and others not so. In this message by the Council of 12 channelled by Selacia, they explain the energies behind this gateway and what that means to us as a human race. Some false notions are also addressed. They encourage us to continue raising our own vibrations, and in so doing, how this will add to the overall collective.

We need to keep shining our individual light and at the same time increasing its intensity. Where we place our focus on this specific day will make a significant difference.

Let's choose light and love, and make 11:11:11 special in our own unique way!

Sun and Clouds by Teodoro S Gruhl    www.publicdomainpictures.net

01 November 2011

Thirteen Crystal Skulls -- The Sacred Pilgrimage

Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, British Museum - Wikimedia Commons

 A Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men, is leading a pilgrimage across America in a sacred ritual to awaken the Spirit of the 13 Crystal Skulls. Starting from Manhattan on 27 October, they will make their way to Los Angeles, culminating in the final ceremony on 11:11:11.

These ancient skulls hold the entire knowledge and wisdom of Earth and Humanity. Made from pure quartz, the information is stored etherically and dimensionally within their crystalline matrix. Their awakening will coincide with the new cycle of the Golden Age of Ascension, marking the end of 26,000 years of darkness.

There isn't too much information available at the time of writing; I am sure there will be more as the days go by. However, there is a good article you can read about the significance of this event, written by Cal Garrison. There is also a video which shows Hunbatz Men being presented with the crystal skull from Brazil. His speech has been transcribed on the same website as the video, so there's more to read there.

Then there is the website of the Council of Mayan Elders which also provides additional information.

(Note: "Tamuanchan" is the ancient Mayan name for America. Also, the Ann Mitchell referred to is Anna Mitchell-Hedges)