01 November 2011

Thirteen Crystal Skulls -- The Sacred Pilgrimage

Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, British Museum - Wikimedia Commons

 A Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men, is leading a pilgrimage across America in a sacred ritual to awaken the Spirit of the 13 Crystal Skulls. Starting from Manhattan on 27 October, they will make their way to Los Angeles, culminating in the final ceremony on 11:11:11.

These ancient skulls hold the entire knowledge and wisdom of Earth and Humanity. Made from pure quartz, the information is stored etherically and dimensionally within their crystalline matrix. Their awakening will coincide with the new cycle of the Golden Age of Ascension, marking the end of 26,000 years of darkness.

There isn't too much information available at the time of writing; I am sure there will be more as the days go by. However, there is a good article you can read about the significance of this event, written by Cal Garrison. There is also a video which shows Hunbatz Men being presented with the crystal skull from Brazil. His speech has been transcribed on the same website as the video, so there's more to read there.

Then there is the website of the Council of Mayan Elders which also provides additional information.

(Note: "Tamuanchan" is the ancient Mayan name for America. Also, the Ann Mitchell referred to is Anna Mitchell-Hedges)

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