31 December 2011

A Prayer for 2012

2012 will be a year that is...indescribable. I simply have no words to fully convey what's ahead of us, because it will be expansional in so many ways, breaking up so many structural frameworks and belief systems that have limited our spiritual growth for far too long. It will also be imperative that we continue to increase the light frequency within ourselves and anchoring on Earth, more than ever before. So we can expect lots of hard light-work ahead.

With that in mind, I'd like to start the year off in a light-hearted (pun intended!) mood.

Happy 2012, everyone! Let the magic begin!

(Thanks for passing me this, C!)

30 December 2011


The first nine months of 2011 whizzed by. The last three months of 2011 was but a blur. If we had blinked, we probably missed the last few weeks of 2011. It's not our imagination; time is collapsing as we time-warp our way into a higher dimensional existence.

Expect 2012 to be beyond our imagination!

Happy 2012 :)

26 December 2011

Drunvalo Melchizedek and Inner Earth

This is the second half of a longer interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek by Lilou Mace. About 45 minutes long, Drunvalo talks about what he call Plasma Beings; these are the Inner Earth inhabitants.

His experiences while at Inner Earth will expand our minds, to put it mildly. It is clear that even for someone with unbelievably wondrous experiences such as Drunvalo, he still appears very moved and awed by what he went through. Listen to his account and enjoy this astounding journey with him!

18 December 2011

Christ Consciousness - Robert Theiss

This Golden Age that is virtually upon us may be called many things by many people. The term may be different but they all refer to the event where the individual embodies the Christ Consciousness within, therefore realising the union between human and Divine. This Ascension process is, therefore, the true manifestation of what has been referred to as Second Coming of Christ in religious dogma. It does not specifically refer to a single personification of Christ as a saviour; rather it is the prophesy of the blossoming of the seeds of Christ Consciousness in this amazing time where Humanity transcends to a higher vibrational existence as a race, together with Earth.

Robert Theiss (Teachings of Michael) explains further in this 10-minute clip.

09 December 2011


I found this hilarious spoof for "UFO Anonymous" on the Opalescent Collective video page; it's too good not to share, so here it is. The last bit of the video really had me in stitches!

06 December 2011

The Track Ahead Is Clear - Kryon through Lee Carroll

There are times when I have doubts and wonder if at all I'm still on the right track. After years and years of swimming upstream with no end in sight and almost no time to rest, one can't help but feel disheartened. However, I must admit that this year has been "different". The challenges are still there, mind you -- what has changed is definitely the vibrational frequency that is now permeating all nooks and crannies of Earth and finding their way into people's hearts. The light quotient has risen tremendously in just these past months. The lingering doubt is now being replaced by a sense of rising impatience. I feel like the annoying kid at the back of the car whiniing "Are we there yet???" for the nth time :)

All the signs lately indicate that we are making that final approach as we re-align ourselves with the runway for touchdown. One of the difficulties that has compounded our landing is that the runway kept disappearing and re-appearing at a different location. It's now pretty clear where it wants to be. Phew!

To further confirm that not only are we on the right track, but that the track is free from obstacles, I received this via email just a few days ago, and would love to share it here. Just remember to keep those lights shining!
(I know, I'm talking about a plane, and Kryon is talking about a train...)

     In 2012, the last measurements will be taken of the planet for the test at hand.  Whatever that measurement turns out to be will be the end of the test.  This test of energy level--the test of vibratory shift for the planet--is already at an all-time high.  The marker is being passed right now that is going to demarcate permission to change the planet.  Think of this marker as a green light that is being passed by a train that is on a track that has been tentative--almost a mystery.  Think of the track as being one that is dangerous, and that has no assurance that another train might be coming the other way at you!  Suddenly you see and pass something that gives you tremendous relief--a green light, a signal from the track controller that indicates, "We know you are here, and the track ahead is clear."  


~ Kryon Book VIII - as channelled by Lee Carroll ~ 

                                            From Marshmallow Messages www.kryon.com

04 December 2011

Cetaceans and Toroidal Bubbles

Beautiful beings from the Cetacean family creating toroidal vortices in the form of bubbles. What else can I say? I'll let this video say it all :)

PS. Perhaps a few words...when will we learn to allow these highly-evolved beings to be free?

01 December 2011

Musical Rapture - Joao Cota-Robles and Frederic Delarue

 As a gift to Humanity, this music contains energetic "knowledge" and healing designed to communicate with us on a cellular level, therefore bypassing any mental blockages or resistance on the physical 3D. It is just over an hour long. Music is a power that is re-gaining importance in this Ascension times as something more than just mere entertainment.

Although meant primarily for healing, with special focus on cancer, this music can also be used for meditations and other appropriate purposes.

There is some history behind this creation that you can read on the Era of Peace website; this is also where you can download the music for free. Please also read and respect the conditions of use on the same page.

This download is also available on Frederic Delarue's website.