31 December 2012

Happy 2013!

As the final hours of 2012 disappear into the Halls of Creation, we make the first few tentative steps into a New Age that was marked by the Solstice on 21 December. It is an Age that has been in the making for what seems like an eternity, involving numerous lifetimes, and yet a few blinks of an eye in terms of Universal Time-Keeping. It is an Age that is probably the most misunderstood and misinterpreted, and the most recorded in ancient sacred texts and records. And yet, the birthing of this New Age saw many re-writes, false starts, red herrings, delays, and more re-writes despite being orchestrated by many participants.

We are going through a period of settling in, which can be unsettling in itself. We are creating it as we live it, moment by moment.

Star Gaia starts to shine her Light, and so must we, each one of us, as we once again become the Human Angels that we were always meant to be.

Happy 2013, and shine your Light!

30 December 2012

Latest Update From Zorra - Anne DeHart from Hollow Earth Network

**Update 2 January 2013:
Obviously, there have been no announcements. I just found out that there is a recorded call from Zorra dated 30 December 2012 with some "good and bad news". I will listen to it and post it up soon.**
**Update - Zorra's update posted**

I've obtained permission from Anne to share this, which I feel is of great importance. Subscribers to Hollow Earth Network's newsletter would already know about this. As Anne says, "Hold on to your hats!" (And remember to breathe...)

I Just Talked with Zorra


Just after sending my previous newsletter ... The Next 72 Hours ... I got a phone call, about midnight Friday night/Saturday morning ... from Zorra!

Now hold on to your hats ... because, THIS is what Zorra told me, direct.  I had to take notes fast and it was difficult, as I was still "full" of all the information from all of these channels ... which Zorra had no knowledge of.  In fact, when I talked about "7th Dimension," Zorra said, "You have to get fully into 5th Dimension first!"  So, here goes....

Everyone who is on the planet now ... 99% of us (the other 1% who chose not to ascend are already removed to the sister planet) are now in the first level of 5th Dimension.  "Ascend" means to move to 5th Dimension.  We all went through to 5 D on December 21st, but have not "caught up with our Essence yet."  The awakened ones know they are in 5D and all will know they are physically there soon.

Mother Earth is in the process of becoming 5th Dimension ... and when she arrives in 5D, all physical beings on the planet, including those who are still in slumber, will know it without any shadow of a doubt.  We will all reach full consciousness when Terra is fully ascended.  We are in the first level of 5D now, waiting on Terra to complete her Ascension.

How events will unfold:

As I understand it, before the end of the year.  Zorra joked about the New Year's Ball descending in Times Square.  He did not say it WOULD happen that way, but laughed and said it would be a great way of doing it! 

He said there are many ships strategically in place NOW, hovering a few feet off of the ground, as their weight would hurt Mother Earth.  One is already there on the White House lawn facing Pennsylvania Avenue, others already in place at the Kremlin, London's Buckingham Palace, Central Park in New York, one near Paris,  China, Jerusalem ... just a few feet off of the ground.  They are already  in place, cloaked ... awaiting word to de-cloak.

There are also masses of ships in the skies, cloaked.   Zorra is back at his post:  North Polar Opening.

Yes, the Gathering ... "Removal of incarnates from other star systems" will take place and there will be NO PAUSE.  It will follow Ascension and Disclosure.  All will be returned to their home star systems, Hollow or Inner Earth.  Zorra again described it, as we have always heard.

Nothing has changed from the scenario Zorra has been giving us all these months.  This is the Master Plan of the Creator and it is still in place.  "Thus far, I have not been informed by the Creator that this plan is changed."  We have not been let down.  Once again,
"... before the end of the year!"

For those who are disappointed ... what Zorra says will be quite evident within the coming days.

Rapidly coming into play.

Galactic Government is in place and ready to go.  Obama is primed and ready, as well.  

Continue to wear our headbands; very important.  Get quiet ... move into the energy of 5th Dimension when we meditate.  Meditating with our heart-mind will help us move quickly into full consciousness.  Continue to concentrate on raising our vibrations.  Do our breathing exercise.

By the way, when Zorra talked about the 1% not going to 5th Dimension ... that they have already been removed to the other planet, I asked about Hilary ... "Is the Hilary we see now, a clone?  Zorra:  "Yes, there are a lot of clones moving around now..."

So folks, Zorra made an extra effort to get this information to us.  We will not be hearing from him again.  He mentioned the validity of SaLuSa's message.   Everything is in place ... Ascension has happened for us, and Mother Earth is on her way.  Disclosure comes next.  The Gathering is still going to happen, after Disclosure. 

Let's take quality quiet time for our meditation and breathing exercises.  The more we do this, the quicker we open fully into our 5th Dimension.

And aren't we the lucky ones, to get this pure information direct from Zorra???

Sleep tight!  My love to every one of you!

May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing and much, much love be with each of you.
 ~  Zorra

Hollow Earth Network 

29 December 2012

The One People's Public Trust Fund

As I've said so before, ground intel is not really my thing for reasons of my own. Recently, however, a "new" player (as far as I know) has surfaced. Since I am in no position to validate this, I'll just link to it and let you decide. The links will take you to American Kabuki's site.

First Announcement
Second Announcement
Additional background information involving an interview with Poof that was removed.

Please note that some comments pointed out that one calculation is incorrect -- it should be 500 million instead of 5 billion. This seems to be a serious miscalculation. For your discernment, please. As with everything else, only time will tell.

And finally, remember that we are creator gods and goddesses ascending out of duality, into higher consciousness. We can create abundance for all, if we all choose to do so collectively, in unity consciousness :)  Although there is no such thing as "money" in higher dimensions, it is still the currency (at least for now) of an evolving Divine Human in its infancy, for the initial stages.

Pillars of Light in Brazil

Interesting video (2+ minutes) showing the "pillars of light" in Brazil that appeared on 17 December 2012.

28 December 2012

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey - 28 December 2012

Mike Quinsey has informed his subscribers that SaLuSa's messages will henceforth be on Fridays only because "in time the messages will be unnecessary as events will have taken over". I hope that means that the over-delayed changes can come online shortly. I'm also reproducing the entire message here because I checked his site and it's not been updated there yet (I received this via email).

Here, SaLuSa speaks of the obvious disappointment that "nothing much" transpired over the past week. It may be helpful to remember that the 21st was just the beginning of the New, and that the critical Ascension period has been said to be from now until about the March Equinox of 2013. For your discernment, please.

It does not matter how many predictions are made because as given they are all possibilities, dependent on the extent of your creative powers as to whether they materialize. So we are telling you that what you experienced was what you created, but for those of you expecting more evidence of Ascension it was disappointing. We understand your feelings, but the process of the awakening Ascension energies has not stopped and will proceed even more quickly than previously. The upliftment of energies in your Solar System, took place through the alignment of your Sun and the great Central Sun of the Galaxy, and as many souls experienced some evidence of it, as did not.

Ascension took place but to your surprise souls of the lower vibrations are still with you. That is because many were able to absorb the energy and their vibrations lifted sufficiently for them to rise up, but they will need to raise them at a faster rate if they are to remain with you. Also bear in mind that many souls were unaware of the importance of the 21st. December, so not all of them who did experience something would have known what caused it. It is so to say, their last opportunity to stay in the process of Ascension and avoid having to be taken off Earth if it proves to be in their best interests. All along it has been hoped that as many souls as possible would be able to accept the new energies. So we feel that when you acknowledge the positive outcome, you will be pleased that more of your family of souls have remained.

The New Age has commenced and time will show that nothing has been lost by the nature of your experience. From hereon you will find a much more positive outcome, as it is you who are now in charge of your own future. Your personal cleansing of still unwanted energies can go ahead with all speed, and you should not find any difficulty in being successful. You are now at a new level of happiness and joy for just being alive, and know that you can now proceed to live a new life with more freedom than ever before. As a result of receiving the energies of the 21st. December, you have moved more into the "Now" and that means you will experience less of time and space. As you move within the 5th. dimension so you will realize that time is no longer linear, and you will sometimes lose all perspective of where you are or how you got there. Do not be afraid however, as you will be able to "think" yourself back to where you were. In time you will begin to perceive other dimensions and realities, and even see other entities that have their being in them.

Your present government along with others largely in your Western World are near to being replaced, and it is an important move that will enable so many other things to go forward. They cannot handle the present crisis brought about by the collapse of a number of banks, and the corrupt systems used by them to bolster their own profits through false trading. The answers are already known to us, and the new ways are prepared and ready for implementation at very short notice. Day by day every soul will continue to grow in awareness, and the net result is that as a civilization you will find yourselves less interested in what the past had to offer you. You are becoming wiser and more astute in discovering how you have been mislead for centuries of time. You are no longer prepared to accept "more of the same", and are demanding a new approach to life that honors everyone's sovereignty and peace and abundance. You need to be able to freely express yourself and relate to all others as One, as unity is what we wish to see you achieving.

We fully understand why some of you are disheartened at the passing of Ascension in a rather quiet manner, but look at the positive aspects. We have tried to guide you to reach the highest perception you have of yourself, and of what you could expect in the New Age, and that encouragement will still continue. The 21st. December alignment took place, and you have commenced the New Age with a higher level of consciousness. It will enable you to accelerate the process of Ascension, and you will see changes taking place in quick succession. Everything you have been led to expect to herald the New Age in will still occur with a greater backing than before, as the way ahead is now virtually clear. You have had great patience so far and we are most grateful for your dedication to the Light and all other souls.. Events will now flow much more smoothly, and we can assure you that the work you have put in to bring the Light and Love to people, has had tremendous results.

Naturally Mother Earth has also ascended, and will go ahead and work with you to bring the New Age into being. There have been few incidents of people having to leave the Earth, and that is a credit to the Lightworkers who have worked so hard to bring all souls into the Light. We are pleased to note that it has released the tension and doubts that some people held, because they were so concerned about friends or family. It holds great hope for those souls who have hitherto, been unaware of the importance of the new period that you have moved into. We know that some of you will look back and question why the impression was given that so much could gave been achieved prior to Ascension. We would say that our motivation has been to place before you every opportunity to advance, through your own creative powers.

We know that the Lightworkers put a lot of time and effort into achieving success, and the apparent failure is no criticism of them. Indeed, there is absolutely no fault in their dedication to their task. It is simply that the circumstances did not meet the criterion for full manifestation of the initial changes that you expected. Yes, there were times when you were so close to seeing your efforts rewarded, but often it was the dark Ones who posed a threat or delay that we could not ignore. Bear in mind that we do not have the authority to force issues unless it is divinely decreed, as it is you who are guiding the outcome and responsible for it.

Be assured that no time has been lost because little progress appears to have been made. Behind the scenes our allies continue to be busy, and are close to bringing about the governmental changes. These are so essential in putting the remains of the old 3D politics behind you, and appointing leaders in power that are aware of the need for immense changes to establish the New Age. You will shortly notice a wave of love sweep the Earth, that will show that your civilization has taken a quantum leap forward. That being so it will bring a strong unity of purpose that will help the establishment of world peace. If you continue to focus on areas of the world that are still experiencing conflict, your intent will soon bring a positive result. When world peace has been achieved we will make sure that war will not return, and will enforce that edict if necessary.

As each day passes the prospects of a greater show of our craft will also dramatically increase. Many eyes will soon be turned towards the poverty and need in the Middle East and far Eastern countries, as compassion and understanding will place the focus where the greatest needs exist. It will force Governments to seriously look at such issues, and take some action. The efforts of our allies will also bring forward the re-distribution of wealth, that has been illegally obtained. So much is at the point of coming out, and with the lower vibrations disappearing more quickly there is less chance of delays taking place.

Dear Ones, consider that you have not lost anything at all by not having your dreams fulfilled, in fact you have gained more than you had before. The way has become clearer and more certain, and our help can begin to be more open. It is why we are eager for disclosure to come as quickly as possible. then we can really get going without any hindrance. The whole outlook has changed for the better, and your efforts will in time be more productive. We are of course close to you most of the time but rarely show ourselves, but that will also change in time. There is to be a coming together, and eventually you will be joined by us, the Masters and your family from the Inner Earth. It will be quite a time of celebration, and the whole world will know we have arrived.
Nothing ever happens by chance, but will follow each divine edict. There are powerful Beings that carry out the word of God without question, but we do understand your doubts and difficulties when things do not seem to go to plan. Yet all events will come to be and fulfill the promises that have been made. It is known to be so as all exists in the Now and simply waits for the right time to manifest. Meaning that when it is going to be of the maximum benefit to your civilization. What is to occur is clearly not just for those who have already awakened, but perhaps in some ways is directed even more strongly at those who still slumber. Now that the lower vibrations are disappearing, they are being given a gentle push and reminder that they are at their own crossroads. They must make a firm decision as to what they want to do, otherwise they will be unable to make progress into the New Age. It is their choice and on a higher level they subconsciously know what is at stake.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and let me say that it will not be long before many of you look back at this time, and find the proof of your Ascension by recognizing the changes in yourself. You will also see it in your friends and family, and realize that they are creating a more peaceful aura around them. As the higher energies continue to arrive on Earth their affect will be there for all to see, as Humanity will reach out in Love and bring powerful energies of Light to bear upon those who are still held in the darkness. The Ascension process still proceeds as powerful as ever, and our love will be with you all of the way.

About Ascension - Getting Clarity : Notes from Anne DeHart of Hollow Earth Network

Anne DeHart, owner of Hollow Earth Network (which features Zorra's messages), has this to say/remind us about Ascension, and the possible fact that the "real deal" is yet to come. She also refers to the Crystal chambers in the Himalayas, which was my previous post (I didn't know she had a copy!). Thanks, Anne :)

What makes this so "interesting" is that I had just finished writing to a dear Soul about what Zorra and Ashtar mentioned, then browsed around the Internet, and saw this message from Anne! I love synchronicity!

In Steve Beckow's editorial today, Steve quotes information he received from Archangel Michael yesterday. Steve was one of those who was looking for Ascension on December 21st and in today's message he tells of new information from Archcangel Michael indicating a "pause" to allow many more people to ascend.

We, of course, have been told by Zorra, that we have one more major infusion of high energy before the end of the year, opening the door for Ascension, or... some other major event.  Hear this on  Zorra's December 9th 23-minute call..

And, of course, when we listen to Ashtar's December 5th Call  we are aware that Earth will be receiving a very high infusion of new energy that even the Galactics have not experienced before. Ashtar told us in this message that it could affect Gaia's choice of when to ascend, as ... if she delayed her own Ascension, she might be able to bring more of her "children" with her. In light of what Steve just posted, we may want to listen again to Ashtar's information about these new energies and what Gaia may do with them.

Also, Dianne Robbins' message tells of a high energy step-up deep within the Earth tomorrow, the 28th:  
This great universal power grid in the 33 crystal chambers deep within the Himalayan mountains will be turned back on and fully activated on December 28 (tomorrow) by 3:00 PM Greenwich time. -- All of this to say that between now and Monday we will be experiencing some expansive changes.

And Zorra?  Zorra is busy spending most of his time with the Galactic Federation of Planets. In one of his last messages he told us he was "parked" with a group from the Federation in a location very high above Los Angeles ... ready to move to a lower altitude and decloak when ordered..

And so it is.  So be it.   Indeed! 

27 December 2012

Earth's Crystal Power Grid Turns On - 28 December 2012

I've been thinking about this article for some time now, reminding myself that not all is done for 2012 yet. There's still one more major activation to go that has slipped my mind; it came back to me a few days ago. I thought I had posted it here, and checked today only to see that I haven't. It was an email from Dianne Robbins (which I have long since deleted as I clear my inbox regularly). Thankfully I found it on another site, Ascension Serenity, so here it is for you to read.

Diane Robbins has interpreted some information that speaks of the Crystal Power Grid on Earth coming online again after it was deactivated because of darkness. There are 144 million crystal pods in 33 chambers deep in the Himalayan Valley that form this crystalline gird.

December 28, 2012: Earth’s Crystal Power Grid Turned On!

Courtesy of Diane Robbins
Deep inside the Himalayan Valley, are 33 great chambers configured with sacred tunnels and passageways that connect each chamber. These chambers are composed of sacred geometry using lightening rods of electronic and magnetic force.

The walls and ceilings are made of platinum, gold and lapis lazuli and lined with crystalline pods 4 1/2 inches in diameter. There are 144 million crystalline pods in rows and columns.

This is the UNIVERSAL BREAKER ROOM for our planet. These 144 million crystalline pods in 33 chambers are all connected to form a sacred geometry. This is the Universal Power Grid that connects with the Powers of Nature, Forces of the Elements, Great Forest Kingdom, Great Ocean Kingdom, Prairies where food is grown, the Atmosphere of Earth and the Inner Structure of Earth that uses the Universal Flower of Life blueprint in which electronic and electro-magnetic lines of force pass through every crystalline pod.

The Gods of Earth had to turn off 63% of these crystal pods because of wars and destructive technology on the planet.


This has been decreed by the Goddess of Venus. The Lords of the Flames of Venus will stand around the Himalayan Valley so that destructive forces can never gain access.

All lines of force on our planet will be reconnected and all sacred geometries and sacred sites will be activated to release the Divine Plan of the 7th Golden Crystal Age to turn the Light back on to this planet.

The above information is taken from a transmission given by the Goddess Himalaya (who has been protecting these crystal chambers) to the Radiant Rose Academy on November 9th 2012 through Usa, their Accredited Messenger.

© Copyright Radiant Rose Academy
www.akashaonline.com   Vancouver, Canada

(Summarized and transcribed by Dianne Robbins, student of the Radiant Rose Academy)


Dianne Robbins

26 December 2012

Judy Satori - ET First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst

Judy Satori is Maarten Horst's guest on this episode of ET First Contact Radio. About 56 minutes long, Judy relates an account of Humanity's potential destiny and preparation for the New Age. About 100,000 years ago, the Galactic Council decided to act to help Humanity evolve into consciousness (activated 12-strand DNA) because at that time, their DNA was calibrated for lower density, having lost their connection with Source or the Light. This was set to occur when Earth moves into fifth dimension, which would trigger this activation for Humanity to become fully conscious.

Upon full activation of these 12 strands, Humanity will have the capacity to become inter-stellar and inter-dimensional; we are the only race to be able to do this due to our diverse gene pool. (This is the same reason why our 12-strands were disconnected by Dark Beings in the first place; to limit our full potential. And that is an understatement!)

Judy also brings us several messages from the Star Beings (Pleiadians, Andromedans, Lyrans), in their own languages. The messages are encoded with energies that speak directly to the listeners, as well as blessings and activations.

Judy also feels that the 21st will not be the date when the Star Nations will come in large numbers because this can happen only when our consciousness is free from fear of such an event. When this does occur, Lightworkers will be the bridge between these Star Nations and the masses.

She also shares that the energies that come in on the 21st will be followed by three days of integration. 2013 will be the year of Contact.

On a different note, she also revealed that while she was in India, she was told about spaceships appearing over troop at the border that left them bewildered, dropping their weapons to the ground. (Zorra from Hollow Earth Network has told us before that ships have also appeared over Iran and Afghanistan, stopping the soldiers from further battle.)

Judy also delivers a beautiful message of re-Creation from Metatron.

Sheldan Nidle Update - 25 December 2012

What I get from Sheldan's message is "Just hold on...a little bit more". For those (including me) who were expecting "more" after entering the Ascension Gateway of the 21st, this message is steadfast in insisting that massive change will unfold. It tells us that we also need to know the reasons behind why these changes have been held back for a decade.

We will need too learn to become a Galactic society, which is what we are becoming with this Ascension. This involves a level of responsibility and a common goal towards Unity Consciousness and Love. Much will be expected from us as we basically step up to the plate, and become re-educated in Truth. We will receive guidance in becoming fully conscious.

We've already entered the realms of the New Age, bathed in Divine Light. It is just the beginning.

24 December 2012

Birth of New Consciousness - Drunvalo Melchizedek

Here is the final segment of Drunvalo's messages for this Great Shift period. I haven't been able to view it yet, so I have no idea what information is being brought forth.

Happy Galactic New Year! So...What Now?

Mayan Calendar wolfepaw.deviantart.com

Happy Galactic New Year, everyone! And how have the past three days been for you? Judging by what I personally know from my own experience as well as those I know, the experiences are varied, personal and unique, each having its own special meaning or message for the individual concerned.

For me, I'm still feeling very distracted and zoned-out. I would have liked to hibernate through the three days, but that was not to be. I felt numb, blissful, removed, peaceful, calm and excited, all in the same day. No spectacular experience to report, although I woke up in the middle of my sleep to a dazzling white light but was put back to sleep almost immediately. I don't know for sure what that meant.

Apart from that jumble of emotions, I was also disappointed when the next day (22nd) came and went without much visible change in the world. I had expected that at least some major announcement or event would occur, some revelation of some truth in the mainstream media...anything! Even some truth about 21 December would suffice! Some "sign" to mark this momentous moment in Cosmic history. Instead, it seemed as if everything had gone unexpectedly quiet. Almost immediately, I "saw" an image of Lady Gaia "sleeping", as if resting. It looked like she's taking a short rest after entering the Ascension Gateway. While she rests, everything is also paused at the same time. This is my vision and my interpretation; I cannot declare it to be the ultimate truth.

What I know for sure is this -- we've already crossed the threshold, we've started the new Galactic Year with our Mother Earth, we're in a New Golden Age. What's up ahead? Our continuing progress into 5D with Mother Earth, definitely. We've only just begun, to borrow from The Carpenters. This is just the initial integration.

Although we haven't seen any major event doesn't mean nothing happened at all. I believe that we've been changed on a deeper level, even if it's just a tiny change for a start. It's impossible that we remained the same. It's also impossible for our reality to remain the same. With each new cycle comes a new set of operating guidelines, so the changes will take place; we just don't know when or how they will unfold.

Our work doesn't stop with this crossing over of the Cosmic threshold. We continue with our objective of becoming Higher Dimensional Beings, whatever that involves.

But that's a topic for another day :)  For now, know that our journey in lower density ends, and we forge a new one in a higher dimension.

23 December 2012

Planetoid Space Ship Near Sun - InfoNews CTZ

I'm sure many of us have seen the clip of a massive larger-than-Earth ship that was said to be "refuelling" from the Sun. This video, from InfoNews CTZ explains the actual reason behind the ship's activity.

This is the follow-up video of the next scheduled "appearance". I hope I got it right, because it's not in English :)

Liftoff Has Begun - Gaia Portal 23 December 2012

Gaia Portal's latest update says:

Attunements are finished for next phase. 
All is go for arrival of new solar energies. 
Gaia preparation is complete.
Liftoff has begun.

We've waited long enough. I hope this means that we are now boldly going where no Human Race as a collective has gone before...into the Fifth, with our physical bodies...we made it!

21 December 2012

Galactic Message - Drunvalo Melchizedek

Drunvalo guides us into a heart-space meditation in this broadcast, and brings forth a message from the Central Council of the Galaxy, assuring us that they are always with us and that everything has already been prepared for us for this Shift. We've gone through Shifts before in ancient times, and the secret to move through them is to be heart-centred, and to remember Who We Are, and what we are capable of. The events expected to take place in the near future are being guided by the Council. They thank us for all that we've done to come to this point in time, advising us that Love will guide us through the coming period.

They've seen our future, and it's good; we'll be fine. We can call upon the Council anytime we feel the need.

They also clarify that we must also feel love for ourselves when we move into our heart-space during the meditation.

This video will be available for a few days.

The World Is Changing - Drunvalo Melchizedek

The broadcast by Drunvalo just recently, available until 31 December 2012. Great for basic information, an introduction to the whole point of this Ascension Gateway.

19 December 2012

Sheldan Nidle Update 18 December 2012

Everything is in place, just waiting for the Divine Green Light before we see action. These plans were derailed by the 9/11 tragedy, which allowed the Dark to plunge the world into increased negativity.

A very foggy mind, heavy head and ungroundedness make it inevitable for me to say, "Please read the rest of this wonderful message here"  :)   And oh...dare I say it? The words "first contact" are in the message!

18 December 2012

21 December 2012

I'm placing all resources pertaining to this momentous date in one post, for easy reference.

Ready? Here we go...!

Welcoming the 7th Golden Age - Radiant Rose Academy

Important Galactic Alignment Meditation - Galactic Central

Honoring the Divine Birth - Sandra Walters

21st December 2012 - Stargate to the Golden Age (Rainbow Light Codes Activation) Magenta Pixie

One Billion Oms

Meditations for Galactic Alignments and Meditations Around 12.21.12 - Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Source via GoldenLight

And So Be It - Blossom Goodchild

21 December 2012 - What Will Happen? - Zingdad

Master Shift Global Meditation

Global Internet Broadcasts with Drunvalo Melchizedek
Drunvalo has three broadcasts, for the days of 20th, 21st and 22nd. Sign up to participate.

December 21st Will Bring the Start of Untold Joy - Jesus via John Smallman

21 December 2012 New Message from the Star Nations - Judy Satori

12:21:12 Alignment to the Galactic Centre and the Cosmic Heart of All Creation - Anrita Melchizedek

Entering the Ascension Gateway - 21 December 2012

Okay...here we are, A.T....L.O.N.G....L.A.S.T...

Just mere days away from entering the Cosmic Window of the Ascension, and the first thing I must admit to you is that I am feeling all sorts of things that I never expected to feel in the days leading up to this Gateway. After spending a lifetime of yearning to go "Home" and feeling like an alien observer in a world I tried hard to understand (and surprisingly, I really did!), the Event that is the whole point of so many Lightworkers' lives is upon us. There is the elation, the calm yet almost-bubbling joy, and the intense desire and urgency to ensure that Humanity goes through this Gateway. However, there is also the underlying sadness that seems to colour all these feelings. It is the melancholy tinge of the final farewell to an existence that is disappearing, the knowing that all that was, will no longer be, forever.

Then there is the not-too-unexpected distracting occurrences that seem to be popping up like determined Jacks-in-the-boxes lately. Just as negative forces externally are playing out their death throes in the final moments before being overwhelmed by Light, so too are some of us encountering experiences that appear to be taking our focus away from our "job". Just dig your heels in and proceed onwards steadily.

And the exhaustion...!

So, we come to the question that's looping in everyone's mind...What's going to happen on the 21st and/or after?

Will Earth stop rotating? For three days? And thereafter change her rotational direction?
Will all electronics fail?
Will the energy grid shut down and electrical supply cease?
Will there be a systematic failure of the financial market?
Will we awaken from what seems like a long, convoluted dream and remember nothing of the 3rd density existence?
Will the world seem brighter, lighter?
Will we go through a period of intense light?
Will Disclosure take place?
Will nothing happen?

I don't know :)  Maybe there are 7+ billion answers or unique experiences, one for each Soul. Because every Soul counts, because each Soul makes a difference. We are each loved by All That Is, and the experience of each Soul is important. This journey is for all, if they so choose. It's not how much we know, it's how much we have in our hearts.

Whatever happens (or doesn't happen), know that it is no mistake, no coincidence, no accident. All will be in perfect Divine order for a Divinely-decreed Plan that has taken eons to unfold and involved the Heavens, countless Star Nations, the Angelic Realms, Inner/Hollow Earth, Ascended Masters, other Cosmic and Advanced Beings, Ground Crew/Allies, Mother Earth and all incarnate Souls.

We've come to the end of a Grand Cycle. It's the birth of a new one, and the welcome reign of Light once again.

Our beloved Planet is turning into a Star, returning to her higher dimensional Self when she was known as Tara/Terra. She's getting her Light back, and this time around, Humanity is playing an integral role. We are also getting our Light back.

All of Cosmos is watching the Greatest Show in the Multiverse. The time for rehearsals is over. Just like the introduction in Michael Jackson's "This Is It", the conductor is tapping with the baton to stop the players rehearsing. The Earth Plan worked...it's time for our spiritual make-over into the 5th dimension.

This is it...Happy Galactic Year and see you on the other side of the Cosmic threshold.

16 December 2012

The Reptilian Brain - Cosmic Awareness via Wil Berlinghof

Sometimes, when I mention certain controversial things to others, I get a strong reaction. It may be one of disbelief, shock or even horror. One of these topics is our reptilian-influenced brain, or to the point, our reptilian brain. Every single time I mention this to someone, the notion is immediately rejected. I don't blame them...I'm not too thrilled about this myself!

Anyway, this piece by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof gives us a whole lot more information about the tragic manipulation of our DNA, and the secret "escape hatch" that was surreptitiously built in, thankfully. The important underlying message is that all has been part of the Divine experiment (now coming to an end, F.I.N.A.L.L.Y), so judgement has no place in this. Going beyond the ego/reptilian brain has always been the pre-requisite for spiritual advancement.

I'm aware that there are many versions of our True History, and sometimes it can get pretty complicated. One of the more widely-known one is about Enki/Enlil and the Annunaki; the information in this channel pertains to them. I am also aware that not all subscribe to this version, so please decide for yourselves.

I will also mention that I don't necessarily agree with the percentage of Ascension-ready Souls. I would like to believe that it's much higher, although in truth I have no idea what lies beyond the Ascension Gateway once we approach it on the 21st. Also I'm not familiar with the meditation given in this message, but I believe that we can do it in our own way if we wish.

If this is for you, then follow the link and find the relevant section. There are audio and text options available.

Solara's December 2012 Surf Report (Excerpt)

Solara's December update (free version) appears below; you can also access it through her site The NVisible but it will only remain there until the next update. This is a truly beautiful message.
The final 11:11 Activation of the Eleventh Gate was absolutely magnificent. Our Master Cylinder Ceremony in Peru began in the afternoon of November 21st and continued through the night until the afternoon of November 22nd. Auspicious signs abounded: As we began our ceremony, two rainbows were in the sky directly above us, with the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other. AN was present! Soon, a condor blessed us with his appearance. This was a very rare occurrence, as condors are rarely seen in the Sacred Valley anymore. During the first afternoon, there was a large Sunbow around the Sun. That night a large Moonbow appeared around the Moon and the next day there was another large Sunbow.

But it was not until 1:11 on the afternoon of the 22nd that the Activation fully took place. In a powerful dance, the Dragons of the Elements merged with the White Dragons and became one large Dragon. Then the White Lotus moved into the center of our sacred circle. The rest of us did the Eleventh Gate Mudra over and over. Suddenly, the Eleventh Gate energies began pouring in. Wayra, the wind, surged through our ceremonial site with a mighty roar and the Eleventh Gate opened wider and wider. This continued for 40 minutes or so with the loud roar of the wind and such strong, true new energy.
The Activation of Eleventh Gate opened the doors to a new world that we cannot yet fully see, but that we can strongly feel. It is already having a powerful effect on us because this momentous event contains both the END and the BEGINNING as our evolutionary spiral comes full circle. This sense of major completion interlaced with a massive New Beginning is deeply poignant. We are so close to the end of an era. We are nearing the completion of our lengthy journey through duality.
As the Eleventh Gate began to activate on November 22nd, we started moving into the expanded realms of the Diamond of the Unseen. Thus began a dramatic shifting of worlds. Our Known Worlds still exist, but they have become infinitely smaller. Since then, we have been plunged into the Transition Zone between the old duality-based world and the greatly expanded New World. In December, we will be walking through this Transition Zone into the newly visible realms of the Diamond of the Unseen.
Many of us are now writing the final chapter of our old stories. While we are completing our old stories, we can expect waves of old emotional residue to rise to the surface so that the last of it can finally be released. When this happens, it's important to feel our emotions, while not getting drawn back into them. Feel them and then release them to the wind. If you haven't closed the books of our old stories, we need to do it now so we can be unhindered by the baggage and limitations of the past.
We are now walking with empty hands and open hearts through a Transitional Zone of pregnant emptiness. This is the Sacred Pause between our old stories and our new ones. It is time for us to live without a story for a while. During this time, we may feel blank, neutral and without emotions. The air is full of mist; containing a different composition than the air that we have breathed before. This misty quality helps us to feel a certain detachment from all that was there before. This enables us to complete our old stories without the usual emotional stickiness and without any resistance to completing any unresolved situations.
Many of us feel a super deep tiredness. This is the most profound tiredness that we have ever felt. This is the tiredness that comes from the completion of an entire cycle of lifetimes. We need massive amounts of sleep and want to sit quietly without doing anything. We know that we have been through a massive, unprecedented shifting of worlds, and want to quietly feel and contemplate who we now are, where we are, and what is our new relationship with our environment.
We may feel disoriented and disconnected from our Known Worlds. We know that our Known Worlds are still here, but they have become a small part of our greatly expanded New Landscape. Because of this, we are searching for a new entry point to our daily lives. Our new entry point is on a larger, truer scale than what we could see before.
Everything has deepened and changed beyond measure. This is the time of the emergence of the True You, the True Me, the True Us as ONE, the True New World.
The Eleventh Gate Activation is still going on. We are still aligned together as ONE all over the world, dancing the sacred dances and doing the 11:11 Mudras. The Activation of Eleventh Gate will continue until the end of the year. Then, we will finally be ready to pick up our pens and write our wondrous new stories.
Solara's complete DECEMBER 2012 Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

15 December 2012

The Changing of the Guard - Neil Keenan

As you may know, I'm not a really big fan of posting ground intel (for reasons of my own), which is why I tend to stay away from them, especially these past months when I couldn't even read past one paragraph most of the time. There's so much accusations, negativity, rhetoric, blame...my personal motto is "If I feel lousy, I leave". And of course, there is the usual question about whether the information is authentic or if it's just plain disinformation. Most of all, there have been so many false-starts and deadlines that literally went dead.

Having said all that, I will post this video that includes a short introduction to the sorry state of affairs of our financial existence, followed by a personal update by Neil Keenan. As usual, I can't vouch for its authenticity or otherwise, please go with what feels right for you, etc. If this is true, then it would mean that Santa will be bringing gifts to more than seven billion people :) 

December 21st 2012 Will Bring the Start of Untold Joy - Jesus through John Smallman

We are reminded again in this message from Jesus via John Smallman to allow Love into our hearts and Life, and that our "mission" is near-complete. We have claimed victory over the Darkness that has engulfed Humanity for far too long; the best part of this message to me is that the New Age around the corner "is a done deal"!

A Spaceman Came Travelling - Chris de Burgh

Christmas carols are playing in the air, and although I have no idea what Christmas will look like this year (but I can guess what many of us will be wishing for!), I find  my thoughts turning to Chris de Burgh's "A Spaceman Came Travelling"...so here it is, a Christmas carol with a huge difference, from an awakened singer-songwriter :) 

A spaceman came travelling on his ship from afar,
'Twas light years of time since his mission did start,
And over a village he halted his craft,
And it hung in the sky like a star, just like a star...

He followed a light and came down to a shed,
Where a mother and child were lying there on a bed,
A bright light of silver shone round his head,
And he had the face of an angel, and they were afraid...

Then the stranger spoke, he said "Do not fear,
I come from a planet a long way from here,
And I bring a message for mankind to hear,"
And suddenly the sweetest music filled the air...

And it went La La...
Peace and goodwill to all men, and love for the child...
This lovely music went trembling through the ground,
And many were wakened on hearing that sound,
And travellers on the road, the village they found,
By the light of that ship in the sky, which shone all round...

And just before dawn at the paling of the sky,
The stranger returned and said "Now I must fly,
When two thousand years of your time has gone by,
This song will begin once again, to a baby's cry..."

And it went La La ... This song will begin once again
To a baby's cry...
And it goes La La... Peace and goodwill to all men, and
Love for the child...
Oh the whole world is waiting, waiting to hear the song again,
There are thousands standing on the edge of the world,
And a star is moving somewhere, the time is nearly here,
This song will begin once again, to a baby's cry...

Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/c/chris+de+burgh/a+spaceman+came+travelling_20030217.html

13 December 2012

Immense Higher Dimension Energy Input Into Gaia on 12:12:12 - Gaia Portal 13 December 2012


I like the "Corner was turned" part :)  It's Light all the way now! I'm reproducing the complete message below, as well as the link:

"Achievement of immense Higher Dimension Energy input into Gaia occurred on the 12-12-12. The planet-wide participation of Hue-mans, Light-workers, and Higher D elementals and other beings, caused an upsurge of integration of these new energies with the new Gaia grids.

Corner was turned.

Shadow elements and so-called dark entities fade to nothingness, as the veil has been removed.

Much gratitude to all."

21 December 2012 - New Message from the Star Nations - Judy Satori

This is a message from the Star Nations, delivered via Judy Satori, about the coming of age of Humanity. Just 11 minutes in length, it is inspiring and uplifting, and such a great boost for us at this point in time, in the last days prior to entering the Ascension Gateway.

It speaks of the cycles of Humanity over these long ages, mired in lower density, "lost", and the Elohim's decision to redeem our race and raise us back into Consciousness.

If we allow this transmission to be a medium of further activations of ancient memories and unlocking of key codes, it will be most beneficial. I feel it's embedded with sound frequencies that speak directly to our DNA coding. Although the information isn't really new, look at it as a sort of useful summary or reminder, to get us into the feeling of familiarity for this short time-frame left for our preparation.

Keep those vibrations high!

A New Dawn, A New Home?

How was your 12:12:12? I hope it was all that you intended for it to be, and more :)

I am in a very hopeful place for Humanity after the downloads yesterday. During my first meditation, instead of seeing the usual column or cloud of Light, I saw instead helix spirals of diamond and gold, cascading down. I think the entire globe was literally drowning in those energies. Imagine all those DNA codes firing up and awakening more of the masses!

Then this morning, I was woken up by "something", in time to see blobs of rainbow colours formed by the sunlight passing through the crystals hanging at my window. They were all over the room, and two unusual formations caught my attention. One was shaped like a cross, while the other looked like a geometric figure resembling a house. I grabbed my phone and clicked away. After a minute, the rainbow blobs disappeared. What a treat!


I have no clear conclusion what this means, if at all anything. But I would like to believe that the "message" has something to do with Christ Consciousness (which is what we are all embodying fro this Shift) and our new "Home"...!  :)

12 December 2012

Sheldan Nidle Update - 11 December 2012

wikimedia commons: Golden Age Brahma Kumari

This is probably one of the boldest message to come from Sheldan Nidle on behalf of the GF and Ascended Masters. It also contains more details than usual, much of which outlines the processes/events that await us in the near future, including our return to full Consciousness.

Please read the full message here.

10 December 2012

Peter Deunov - The 1944 Prophecy

Peter Deunov was a Bulgarian Spiritualist who revealed a prophecy about the Ascension just days before he passed on in 1944. Please read more about him, as well as the entire prophecy. As we know, there are several prophecies that tell of this Great Shift, but one main difference with this one is that it's written in a manner that is not cryptic or symbolic, so we don't need to "interpret" it in any way.

Some highlights (please try to read the actual prophecy because you get so much more than just these points):
  • Ending of Kali Yuga and the birth of a NewAge
  • Fire of Ascension
  • Liberation of Humanity
  • We are now exiting the Thirteenth Zone, or Duality/Polarity
  • Take this "gift" of Ascension now so you won't have to wait for the next cycle
  • Love is the answer
  • Birth of the 6th Race of Humanity, the Race of Love
  • Demise of the Dark and the reclamation of the surface by Gaia.
There is also an English translation called "The New Epoch" by Peter Deunov here.

09 December 2012

What Happens If You Do Or Don't Ascend? Danny Searle


I believe that no human (on Earth) at this point in time knows exactly what will transpire on 21 December, or how the Ascension process will unfold from the time we enter the Ascension Gateway until whatever time it takes to complete the process (March 2013 has been mentioned by sources such as Sheldan Nidle).

I also believe that this experience or transformation will be different for each individual, and we will, to a large extent, go through a very personal "enlightening". Bearing that in mind, we will also understand why there are so many versions of what will take place come the Solstice on the 21st. In addition, if we allow ourselves to  be guided by our own Divinity, we will have a "feeling" of what lies ahead for us.

Danny Searle presents a very plausible version of what we can expect in just 11 days (oh my...) in this 20-minute video. He addresses three relevant questions:
1. What will happen to those that do not Ascend?
2. What will I experience during the Ascension process?
3. What can I expect life to be like on the 5th Dimension?

See if this is for you...

07 December 2012

Ascension Tour - Hollow Earth Network (Bushwillows)

As I have previously indicated, there are several recordings that have been posted at Tree of the Golden Light which covers the Ascension Tour that involves Hollow Earth Network. I'm unable to listen to (or even post about) all of them, but this one I will because Anne Dehart asks a question that must be on the minds of many Lightworkers -- it certainly has been on mine. It's about the conflicting information that comes out from sources (channeled or otherwise) about what will be transpiring after we get to the Ascension Gateway on the 21st. Some sources have indicated that it will be Life as usual but a much better version of it, some say there will be some major changes but no major Earth changes, and some, like Zorra and Sheldan Nidle, speak about the complete terra-forming that Earth will undergo to reclaim her lands and position as a pristine Garden of Eden planet.

At around the 1:15:30-hour mark, you will hear Anne ask this loaded question, which Zorra addresses. A little later, this issue is again brought up by another questioner and again, it is answered.

The recording also contains much information that covers several topics, a summary of which you will find on the link given. Nancy Tate also gives more information about Earth and Maldek's history, and their connection with Tiamat (although I don't know if Nancy is channelling or speaking on her own here.). This is Part 3 of the Bushwillows meeting (please scroll down the page until you get there.)

"Winding Energetic Roads" Being Made Straight - Gaia Portal 6 December 2012

Lady Gaia and her Ascension Team continue to prepare diligently for entry through the Ascension Gateway! Our path will be getting easier to navigate.

Here for the complete update from Gaia Portal.

05 December 2012

Isis on the Coming Solstice and Beyond - Richard Presser and Carolyn Evers


I saw this post on 2012 The Big Picture, followed the link, purchased the recording and listened to about 30 minutes of it before I had to stop. This is a 1 hour 43 minute recording of a channel from Isis via Richard Presser; it has good information -- in the 30-odd minutes that I listened in, Isis talked about what Free Will really means from a higher perspective, the tension between Israel and Iran (and its energetic implications), and what will happen on 21st December. Isis also elaborated about what is expected to happen with those who have agreed to ascend, and those who have not. She also explains about what will happen to the Dark.

I had to stop to attend to the business of Life...since I don't know when I will get to finish the entire channel, I'm posting this now so you can proceed to purchase it if you feel that it's for you. You will need to pay $10 for the recording, so don't take my word for it -- go with your Higher Guidance...as always :)

QHHT Session with Susan Thomas - TAUK Messages 29 November 2012


This QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session conducted by Suzanne Spooner on Susan Thomas revealed information pertaining to the 12:12:12 and the 21:12:12 or 12:21:12 (depending on which format you use), as well as other relevant information pertaining to the Great Shift.

There are two parts to the session:

Part 1  
Earth and power-grid changes, help from the Galactics, Lightworkers' role during these times, solar flares, the energies (and effects) of 12:12:12 and 21 December, the thinning (and eventually dropping) of the veil, the emergence of the Higher/Divine Self, Three Days of Darkness, Obama's role, remembering Love, "all is on track".

Part 2  
Accelerated awakening, Star Ship "observers", civilisation on the dark side of the Moon, secret space programs, advanced civilisation on Earth (I think they are referring to Inner/Hollow Earth), Light/Energy Beings, procreation.

Sheldan Nidle Update - 4 December 2012

Stairway to Heaven Painting - Stairway to Heaven Fine Art Print - Anne Cameron Cutri

This message from the Galactics and the Ascended Masters via Sheldan Nidle stresses the events that have been long-planned for our pathway back into Light. It's like everything is lined up, ready to go.

With only 15 days showing on my Mayan Countdown Clock (eeek!) and the state of Humanity still not really prepared for their world to be turned inside-out, it looks like perhaps we need to go through the 12:12:12 portal of immense Light and transformation, and maybe even the 21st December mark of the New Galactic Year for that final quantum leap into higher consciousness before these events unfold. In other words, we  may still require a bit more "growing up"  in terms of consciousness, via all that Light flooding from the Galactic Centre.

We've waited so many years...two weeks will seem like a moment :)

04 December 2012

Message From the Crystal Kingdom - Dianne Robbins

Cueva de los Cristales, or Cave of Crystals
Crystals once powered the entire civilisation of Atlantis, and in the case of the Crystal Skulls, capable of storing immense amounts of information and codes.

Here is a message from the Crystal Kingdom, as channeled through Dianne Robbins, sent via email:

~ We Once Powered the Whole Planet
Greetings, our dearest soul daughter on Earth. We are the Crystal Kingdom, yearning to continue our dialogue with you. Know that we do remember the times when we were above ground, and our structures towered above the surface like gigantic skyscrapers overhead. We powered the whole planet then, in every aspect of its energy requirements. We did it all, with very little effort on our part, and with no residue or side effects to the environment. Our energy transmissions are the cleanest, purest, and most pristine way to harness energy for your consumption.

We captured all the historic records from these times past, and we still hold them in our energy matrix although we are now in seclusion underground until it is safe for us to rise again in all our majesty and glory.

Safety is still an issue for us, for we don’t want to be intruded upon or damaged or pillaged. The Earth needs us just where we are -- for we continue to do our work underground and act as great electronic relay stations that transmit information on many levels to the Galactic Command and Mother Earth. We work “undercover” or “underground,” in the privacy of our own domain. We, too, work for the Ashtar Command and Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, and our work uncovers the deepest information that we make available to the Forces of Light who tap into us.

Earth has provided all to her residents, even free energy. There is free energy for everything you could ever need or dream of. You just have to tap into us, the Crystal Kingdom, and we will show you how to harness our light and change it into energy. It is so easy to do, once your desire is there, and there is no more interference from the sinister forces who would only corrupt our gift to you and turn it against you, and all life, in their endeavor to enslave all of humanity in their quest for conquest.
Our love goes out to you on waves of crystalline light beams, and embraces you.

© Copyright Dianne Robbins

December, 2012

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