27 January 2012

The Disclosure Issue - Adamu via Zingdad


One of the issues that Lightworkers have had to put up with repeatedly over the lo-o-o-ong years is Disclosure. It started off with First Contact, then Contact, and now, it's simply Disclosure, for the simple reason that Contact has already been established, though in limited ways. We are aware of all the deadlines, timelines and even specific dates that have been given over the years regarding mass landings or Disclosure, the most public one being the painful experience Blossom Goodchild had to endure in 2008. I think it's fair to state that many in this community have breached, many times, the limits of our faith and trust instigated by broken promises. For those that are still holding on, we are dead-tired...but still holding on.

This message from Adamu through Zingdad, then, is timely and practical. It addresses issues that have gone un-addressed for too long, and it delves right into the mechanics of the complex and furious flurry of activities that are taking place in and around Earth. There is even a cliff-note version of Galactic Civilisation 101...really useful background knowledge!

Adamu talks about the choices available to each individual here on Earth regarding the path forward. There are four options, and whichever one we choose as individuals will determine the evolutionary path forward (or not). These options will lead us to true self-empowerment or false versions of it. He also explains the low odds of all-out global Disclosure taking place, and how vital it is instead for us to be our own Disclosure through our own awakening. This is of paramount importance. It is also interesting to note that recently, Zorra of Hollow Earth Network had announced that he is Disclosure, that his presence here on Earth and his efforts in helping with Ascension is already Disclosure. A world-wide public announcement is not longer a pre-requisite. At any rate, it won't change the fact that they are already here in massive numbers!

So...what do we choose? Psst...Unity Consciousness, pretty please?  :)

22 January 2012

Early 2012 Changes - Denise Lefay

This is another one of those pep-talk articles that I mentioned in the last post. This really resonated lots with me and I found it most encouraging and uplifting. As I said in a comment to Denise, it was like a wonderful balm for my weary soul :)

Denise Lefay mentioned a number of key factors that are currently present in the reality for some of us, and provides some clarification for their purpose. These include some hard-to-get-rid/clinging Ascension dirt-shovelling that we may still be going through. I love her Princess and the Pea analogy, although sometimes that pea feels like a craggy boulder!

She also talks a bit about how the dark is attempting to thwart the unstoppable Ascension Train before time runs out for them, and how important it is for us to stay our course.

Read this for a huge dose of Vitamin A for Ascension!

21 January 2012

The 12th Wave of Ascension - Sharon Ann Riley

Along our journey during this amazing (and most challenging!) time, it is our unwavering faith and belief in something that is way bigger than anything we could have ever imagined that keeps us going. However, I find that now and then we need a little pep-talk to get the wind back in our sails and to assure us that we are doing OK, that we are not insane, that there really is a Divine purpose to all of it :)  Well, here is something that fits that category -- a short, sweet booster to help us stay the course.

Since it is so short, I initially wanted to reproduce the entire text here, but I always try as far as possible to lead you back to the source, so please visit Sharon's website. Keep the faith!


Hollow Earth Network BBS Radio Show - 16 January 2012

In this 50-minute radio interview with Dale Benadum, Zorra from Hollow Earth imparts important information critical for this time in the Ascension timeline. Speaking through Billie Faye Woodard, Zorra covers many topics that are timely and helpful in our own preparations for this evolution; they include:

  • Elenin and what it really is
  • True nature of the inner structure of planets in the Solar System
  • 5th dimension awaits...
  • Gathering, with three major "parties" i.e. Inner Earth, Hollow Earth and Off-World, to be determined via our DNA
  • Terra-forming of New Earth
  • Hollow Earth revealed! Its wholistic influence on dwellers
  • Admiral Byrd in 1947 and his mission which was thwarted by the authorities
  • Entrances leading to Hollow Earth
  • Agharthian takeover of the underground bases
  • Emergence of new financial structure
  • Reminder of our sovereignty 
  • Our responsibilities towards ourselves
  • Belief structures and religions
  • Surface Earth people who have gone to Hollow Earth
  • 5D existence
  • Indigenous and Star races on Earth
Listen to the interview or download the MP3 at the Hollow Earth website.

15 January 2012

New Global Economy - James Martinez

In this 24 minute video, James Martinez presents an official statement about the impending restructuring of the global economy. Interviewed by Regina Meredith from Conscious Media Network, he explains and confirms the rumours that have been like a raging undercurrent in the alternative community about a completely revamped global economy that is almost ready to be implemented.

James stresses the point that the current junk economies as well as all the financial models that the world has been subjected to over the past centuries only served to strengthen the position of the elite at the expense of the well-being of the common people. This new banking system will be based upon the "missing link", the one component that has never been considered...higher consciousness.

James also assures that this is just the beginning. The tide is turning...

Note: Sharing Regina's statement at the start of this clip, I am also not in a position to either confirm or debunk this announcement. However, it is something that gives me great hope if indeed the time is here where things are F.I.N.A.L.L.Y coming to pass, and if that is the case, then I would like to do all I can to spread the positive news. That is -- and has always been -- my motivation. Please discern for yourself :)

14 January 2012

An Hour With An Angel - Linda Dillon

In this hour-long radio interview by Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon channels Jeshua in a most interesting revelation of his life here on Earth. This message confirms so many things that have been brought up (and promptly debunked by interested parties) over the past years, including his relationship with Mary Magdalena. He also clarifies some details about his childhood and the all the years when he embarked upon his spiritual education in different locations across the globe. This is very timely!


07 January 2012

Starseed Confirmation Reading - Starseed Hotline

Welcome to 2012! I hope that your year started off wonderfully :)

It's been barely a week into the new year, and already I feel as if I've lived a month of it. Paradoxically, it also feels like Christmas was just four hours ago. One of the highlights of the past week for me personally was my reading from Starseed Hotline; it is an astrological reading with a twist -- to determine and elaborate upon galactic markings on one's chart. I'm no expert in astrology, so I won't even attempt to explain further. Go to their website for a wealth of details. I'll just relate my experience.

I've had astrological readings done before, but have always felt they missed a lot of pertinent information that would really help. This reading from Starseed Hotline, however, gave me the relevant information that I was waiting for, and needed, all these years.I would definitely recommend getting one done if you wish to know more about your Galactic leanings. For me personally, it allowed me to see where I'm at so that I'm in a better position to gauge how to proceed.

It's truly a most beneficial tool for the start of this momentous year!