24 February 2012

Argathans - Humanity's Mentors by Sheldan Nidle

In this 10-minute clip, Sheldan Nidle speaks about the role of Argathans as guardians over Humanity's progress as well as their active involvement in these months leading to the Ascension Gateway. Although this video was produced in 2009, the information therein is more valid now than ever before, especially with the rapid rate of developments that are on-going pertaining to the Ascension process. These higher dimensional beings have also long been dedicated protectors of Earth.

The information presented here synch well with those from Hollow Earth Network. Basically, Mother Earth will terra-form herself in order to return to her original pristine Garden of Eden state (similar to that in Hollow Earth). During this time, no one will be able to survive the extreme re-forming of the surface, so we will need to relocate to Hollow Earth or off-planet (depending on our "origin" as determined by our DNA) until the New Earth is ready. I have always felt that this event and all the planning around it to be very profound. I also am aware that this sounds like a fantastic Hollywood blockbuster movie!

Sheldan and Colleen also talk a bit about Earth becoming mono-polar as well as the rising of the ancient continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. Then Earth and Humanity will live fully consciously in 5D.

There is nothing to fear but everything to look forward to.

14 February 2012

Love Truly Is The Answer

Visconti Tarot Card Venice 1600s

(Excerpted and edited from Amethyst Road January 2012)

Yes, it's a worn-out and over-used cliché, but it's also a Universal Truth. Love truly is the answer. It was an absence of love that held us captive and enslaved without spiritual progress for eons, and it is the full onslaught of love that will liberate us. The message of love has been taught to us by many great teachers in the past, in particular Yeshua, but Humanity was not yet mature enough to learn. Now that we have come of age, this same message of love will be broadcast by not just one individual, but by each one of us in our own unique way.

The harmonics of love starts with self-love and the understanding that without it, we will never really know what pure love is. Self-love will then lead the way to love of All That Is and the remembrance of pure conscious love. Only then will we truly know how to love another.

Light illuminates our path; without it we will stumble in the dark, which we have done since our light was successfully dimmed by the absence of love all that time ago. Now, in 2012, we see our path with clarity because it is being lit by the light we have brought in over the past decade. As more awaken this year, our path will get brighter and brighter until it shines with the dazzling brilliance of Ascension.

Light is the knowledge, and love is the creative process. This was taught through Barbara Marciniak in Bringers of the Dawn. So, armed with the power of higher knowledge, we can then proceed to create our world of Unity Consciousness.

And laughter? Well, at the end of the day, this is serious business we have to face on a daily basis. What better way to lighten our job than with laughter? :) Besides, laughter greatly accelerates the flow of love and light as well as facilitates the creation of new avenues for them to come through, don't you think?

Happy Valentine's Day, with love, light and laughter!

12 February 2012

Spirit Science - Crystals Part 1

I really enjoy Jordan Duchnycz's creative and informative animations, the first of which was the one on Thoughts. I had previously featured his five-part series on Atlantis, and I see that he has many more new animations since then.

This one, about 10-minutes in length and with his trademark speeded-up narration, is the first of a four-part series on Crystals. Jordan explains the living consciousness in crystals, and how their vibrational frequencies and energies can affect us in positive ways, if we are open to their healing properties. He also speaks about how these gifts from Mother Earth can support us on our Ascension path when used appropriately. There is also an account of how the Crystal Skulls came into existence, starting from 13,000 years ago.

I've always found it fascinating (as Spock would say) that Silica is one octave below Carbon on the Periodic Table. If we remember that our DNA is transforming from carbon into crystalline, we can begin to understand a little more of the giant tapestry of Ascension that is being woven thread by thread. But I digress :)

Back to this video - watch them all on the Spirit Science channel!

07 February 2012

Steve and Grener Episode - Spotlight On Us

Firstly, this post will not be featuring any external article, information or resource.
Secondly, it will be rather long.
And thirdly, it may make us feel uncomfortable.

Good to go? OK then :)

As the title suggests, this is not about the planned trip that did not take place. Instead it is all about us, and what it shows to us, if we wish to see the whole thing from a bigger vantage point. It is about timely messages, and it is about a sense of urgency.

It is about what we as a Lightworker community did (or didn't do) during the period leading up to February 4, and the fall-out that infested afterwards. It is also about showing us where we exactly are, and where we intend to go.

Even before the scheduled date of the event, things had already spiralled out of control, and there was so much negativity being blasted around. Some were unhappy about not being included, and some who were included had personal agendas. Greg Giles had likened it to someone asking if he could bring along his 700-pound gorilla and two tons of bananas. I guess at that point in time, we were looking mighty ugly as a Lightworker community. On hindsight, if I were an Arcturian waiting to welcome the Earth Delegate onboard, I could be having grave concerns.

And then the vitriol that erupted after the no-show...if we had looked mighty ugly before, we were now looking like a cross between a hideous gargoyle and a dreadful troll (apologies to gargoyles and trolls, but I'm just trying to make a point here).

During all of this, we were so busy criticising and blaming we forgot one very important thing; we forgot about our own responsibility. We had, amidst the ever-growing drama, neglected to take a step back and allow ourselves to own our decisions and actions, and be responsible for them. I don't believe anyone was coerced into going, neither was anyone forced to follow the episode. I also don't remember any guarantees being given by any party. We all hopped on for the ride through free choice, but we didn't take responsibility over that same choice by accepting the consequences that would follow, "good" or otherwise.

When things went wrong, we demanded that "justice" be served, and preferably, someone's head on the block. We conveniently omitted to examine the role we played in the whole saga. We ignored the glaring reflection that was being shown to us about where we are as a Lightworker community. There were areas where shadows were creeping outwards because we dimmed our Light.

We were not ready. It had completely slipped our minds that the underlying factor in all of this is Ascension. This is what it's always been about, and will always be. I've written about it enough already in my Amethyst Road site, I don't need to repeat it here. Our behaviour showed, if we are willing to see, that we are still insufficiently "prepared" for this next step. We really need to look at ourselves and heed this wake-up call.

We are always looking for short-cuts, for an easy way, for a quick fix. Unfortunately, this is not how Ascension works. There's inner work involved, and lots of it, too. Stuff to release, different perspectives, paradigm shifts, letting go of ego, deep dungeons within to explore. If we are not "ready", we can't take this next step. As an example, Zorra from Hollow Earth has made it clear that we need to raise our vibrations because this is the pre-requisite for Ascension. Obviously, because how can we "ascend" if we don't raise our vibrations in the first place? And the debacle that ensued shows clearly that we have some inner work to get through.

We have ten months (perhaps even less) to get it right, and we need to grow up in a huge hurry. For our own sake, not for anyone else's, because as far as Gaia is concerned, her Ascension is taking place with or without Humanity's participation. We can choose to wait for more wake-up calls, but why would we? We should also know that there are dark forces that are doing everything they can to prevent us from waking up, and if we continue to slumber, we will only be indirectly helping them and making their job so much easier.

If I'm forced to find one fault with Steve's plan, it would be that he made it too public. Having said that, I must also state that being so public meant that I could "share" in the excitement, follow the development from my sofa, and place my hope in the collective consciousness. So I see it as a gift more than anything else.

I also note that Steve's site has received a couple of unconfirmed reports from a small group that have been taken onboard Neptune recently. It is a most encouraging and positive development indeed.

Folks, we need to stay on the path, and that involves work. There are no short-cuts, period. The last time we got impatient and took a short-cut, we paid a price that we couldn't afford -- Atlantis was destroyed.  

We have to succeed this time.

In closing, I would like to share my dream. The night of February 3, I had a dream about this trip. There were 5 representatives from Neptune waiting to welcome 5 Earthlings onboard. Each Earthling had one Neptune counterpart assigned for the duration of their time on the ship. The 5 ship members were in uniform, and they were all "joined" at the waist. I interpret it to mean that they are in Unity Consciousness. After this scene, I saw that the Steve Beckow delegation did not make it. Their trip was aborted. This dream left me confused because on one hand I saw 5 members making it onboard, and on the other hand, I saw the mission fail. Now I understand.

05 February 2012

Hollow Earth's Garden of Eden - Zorra and Billie Woodard

The highlight of this February 4 broadcast is the scenario painted by Billie Woodard (Hollow Earth Network) of what we will likely encounter on a journey from the Arctic region into Inner Earth. This is later continued by Zorra, speaking through Billie, elaborating further about what we may expect to see in Inner Earth itself. It is an apt description of what Garden of Eden would look like; in actuality, that was to be Earth's original purpose -- a centre of knowledge or library for the Universe, and a Garden of Eden or recreational centre for inter-galactic travellers.

Here are some of the topics covered:

    Sell Art Online
  • The high-vibrational and energetic frequencies of Inner Earth and how this positively affects us
  • Its healing and wholistic environment, including the atmosphere, waters and foods
  • Creatures, flora and fauna, including trees reaching up to 1000 feet in height
  • Circular buildings
  • Joy and love being the normal state of existence
  • Music ~ akin to melodious harps and flutes (no rap or country music, sorry)
  • Central sun with its softer tones
  • Telepathic communication and how we may have difficulty with this initially (some humour here!)
  • Healing and decontamination chambers
  • Cellular re-instructions
  • Different procedures dependant on whether we choose to stay permanently or otherwise
  • Return to the surface for those who wish, by...aeroship!
  • Bermuda triangle "vanishees" (my term) and Amelia Earhart
  • Pre-historic animals and their actual diets
  • Complete reversal of all we have been "taught"
I listened to this not long after I posted about the need to go forward after the Beckow/Grener aborted mission. I mulled over it for a while more, then let it go, hoping for the best possible outcome, for the highest purpose. Then I started playing this recording and you know what? There's some talk about Grener and "the" trip! This occurred towards the end of the broadcast and I couldn't believe my ears. Synchronicity? You bet!

This is a feel-good channel...enjoy!

Steve Beckow and Grener - Going Forward

A Pensive Moment - Eugene von Blaas 1896

It is Sunday, 5 February 2012. As I sit here writing this, I note that it is a beautiful day for all intents and purposes. The sky is glorious and the birds are singing their individual songs. As far as the world is concerned, it is a day like any other.

However, for those who have been involved either directly or otherwise in the Steve Beckow/Grener episode, it is a day for reflection, for asking questions, for listening to answers deep within. And for going forward.

As you may have known by now, the planned Earth Delegation to an off-planet ship did not materialise. Steve has had two sessions after the fact with Grener to obtain answers; here are the links:

Irregardless of what transpired in those sessions and independent of whatever reasons we were offered for the no-show, I will make this post more personal, simply because I feel the need to do so.

In the days leading up to the planned trip, we witnessed a huge division in the alternative community. Let's not even consider the mainstream world, where the kind ones have already have given up on us while the not-so-kind ones feel we should be locked up in mental institutions. Just within our minority, we have deep dissension. Then there was the competitiveness, pettiness, pushing and shoving -- and this is only amongst those that supported this trip! Of course, there is the other side, which Steve talked about in his post The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. I'm not a regular follower of Steve's site, so I don't really know much about him except for when I started paying close attention after I was led to the link regarding the trip.

This is not the first time that promises made have been broken. We have heard all this before. From Blossom Goodchild to Sheldan Nidle to goodness-knows-who-else...we have been stood up time and time and time again. So, what's going on? Is it bad channelling? Is the channel unclear? Is the source misinterpreted? Can we trust the source? The channeller?

What about us? What role do we play in all of this? What lessons are we being shown?

I don't profess to have the answers to any of these questions, nor do I have any intention to answer them. For me, I look forward to the day when all the Greater Truths will be revealed to Humanity as a race, and I've always felt that Disclosure would be the impetus or catalyst needed for such a thing to begin to occur. As someone who has been on the "path" for many years, I am soul-weary and in great need for "things" to unfold quickly. By today if possible :)

In light of this latest development, all I can say for myself is to keep moving, and as I said in my previous post, to avoid getting distracted from our true mission here on Earth. Go forward, stay united, support each other, help those who are trying to help others, and keep the faith. I hope many others feel this way, too.

Also, a reminder that Adamu through Zingdad and Zorra through Billie Woodard both state that Disclosure is already happening, just not in the way that we thought it should be.

If you visit Steve's site 2012 Scenario, you will find that there are now plans to accept a very small group (because they said the previous plan had turned into a three-ring circus) onboard and allow them to take evidence of their trip upon their return. Again, I wish Steve all the best and send him my brightest blessings.

And again, I shall wait and see.

01 February 2012

That 'D' Word Again...Steve Beckow Interviews Grener

This may well be the most talked-about topic in the alternative community these days...Disclosure. No doubt that many of you would probably have known this already, but I'm posting this as a matter of record, and for my own reference purposes.

This is an interview by Steve Beckow from The 2012 Scenario with Grener, who is the President of the Intergalactic Council. Linda Dillon acts as the conduit for this message. You can either read the transcript or listen to the audio.

This will be the acid test for the on-going debate on Disclosure. Let's see what happens in the days to come. I'm sure we'll be following this development very closely indeed. Meanwhile, we'll try not to get distracted from our real mission here on Earth ~ to raise our individual vibrations and in the process, to contribute to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

Personally, I hope that we don't get stood up (again) on this "date". This time, I hope it's for real. If it is...wow!

Fingers (and toes) crossed?