07 February 2012

Steve and Grener Episode - Spotlight On Us

Firstly, this post will not be featuring any external article, information or resource.
Secondly, it will be rather long.
And thirdly, it may make us feel uncomfortable.

Good to go? OK then :)

As the title suggests, this is not about the planned trip that did not take place. Instead it is all about us, and what it shows to us, if we wish to see the whole thing from a bigger vantage point. It is about timely messages, and it is about a sense of urgency.

It is about what we as a Lightworker community did (or didn't do) during the period leading up to February 4, and the fall-out that infested afterwards. It is also about showing us where we exactly are, and where we intend to go.

Even before the scheduled date of the event, things had already spiralled out of control, and there was so much negativity being blasted around. Some were unhappy about not being included, and some who were included had personal agendas. Greg Giles had likened it to someone asking if he could bring along his 700-pound gorilla and two tons of bananas. I guess at that point in time, we were looking mighty ugly as a Lightworker community. On hindsight, if I were an Arcturian waiting to welcome the Earth Delegate onboard, I could be having grave concerns.

And then the vitriol that erupted after the no-show...if we had looked mighty ugly before, we were now looking like a cross between a hideous gargoyle and a dreadful troll (apologies to gargoyles and trolls, but I'm just trying to make a point here).

During all of this, we were so busy criticising and blaming we forgot one very important thing; we forgot about our own responsibility. We had, amidst the ever-growing drama, neglected to take a step back and allow ourselves to own our decisions and actions, and be responsible for them. I don't believe anyone was coerced into going, neither was anyone forced to follow the episode. I also don't remember any guarantees being given by any party. We all hopped on for the ride through free choice, but we didn't take responsibility over that same choice by accepting the consequences that would follow, "good" or otherwise.

When things went wrong, we demanded that "justice" be served, and preferably, someone's head on the block. We conveniently omitted to examine the role we played in the whole saga. We ignored the glaring reflection that was being shown to us about where we are as a Lightworker community. There were areas where shadows were creeping outwards because we dimmed our Light.

We were not ready. It had completely slipped our minds that the underlying factor in all of this is Ascension. This is what it's always been about, and will always be. I've written about it enough already in my Amethyst Road site, I don't need to repeat it here. Our behaviour showed, if we are willing to see, that we are still insufficiently "prepared" for this next step. We really need to look at ourselves and heed this wake-up call.

We are always looking for short-cuts, for an easy way, for a quick fix. Unfortunately, this is not how Ascension works. There's inner work involved, and lots of it, too. Stuff to release, different perspectives, paradigm shifts, letting go of ego, deep dungeons within to explore. If we are not "ready", we can't take this next step. As an example, Zorra from Hollow Earth has made it clear that we need to raise our vibrations because this is the pre-requisite for Ascension. Obviously, because how can we "ascend" if we don't raise our vibrations in the first place? And the debacle that ensued shows clearly that we have some inner work to get through.

We have ten months (perhaps even less) to get it right, and we need to grow up in a huge hurry. For our own sake, not for anyone else's, because as far as Gaia is concerned, her Ascension is taking place with or without Humanity's participation. We can choose to wait for more wake-up calls, but why would we? We should also know that there are dark forces that are doing everything they can to prevent us from waking up, and if we continue to slumber, we will only be indirectly helping them and making their job so much easier.

If I'm forced to find one fault with Steve's plan, it would be that he made it too public. Having said that, I must also state that being so public meant that I could "share" in the excitement, follow the development from my sofa, and place my hope in the collective consciousness. So I see it as a gift more than anything else.

I also note that Steve's site has received a couple of unconfirmed reports from a small group that have been taken onboard Neptune recently. It is a most encouraging and positive development indeed.

Folks, we need to stay on the path, and that involves work. There are no short-cuts, period. The last time we got impatient and took a short-cut, we paid a price that we couldn't afford -- Atlantis was destroyed.  

We have to succeed this time.

In closing, I would like to share my dream. The night of February 3, I had a dream about this trip. There were 5 representatives from Neptune waiting to welcome 5 Earthlings onboard. Each Earthling had one Neptune counterpart assigned for the duration of their time on the ship. The 5 ship members were in uniform, and they were all "joined" at the waist. I interpret it to mean that they are in Unity Consciousness. After this scene, I saw that the Steve Beckow delegation did not make it. Their trip was aborted. This dream left me confused because on one hand I saw 5 members making it onboard, and on the other hand, I saw the mission fail. Now I understand.


  1. I'm sorry to break the news, but Linda Dillon is a fraud. Her messages cannot be trusted any longer.

    She is touting on the most recent "Hour with an Angel" episode that an account by paranormal author John Lear on board the spaceship Neptune is real.

    It's not. I am in contact with the real John Lear who explained he's not on board ANY space-ship.

    Furthermore, Linda Dillon is implicated in running a pyramid scheme: http://www.ripoffreport.com/directory/Linda-Dillon.aspx

    Before I was somewhat on the fence, now I am certain Linda is a fraud. Beckow discusses some interesting points at the2012scenario that I brought up earlier this week. My point is that some mediums ARE real, and provide accurate information. That being said, why should people listen to the wrong ones? http://the2012scenario.com/2012/02/aam-grener-and-the-cross-correspondences/. Since that article, I am no longer giving Dillon the benefit of the doubt.

    For the whole story, visit http://stoplindadillon.wordpress.com.