30 March 2012

Galactic Federation of Light via Greg Giles - 29 March 2012

Garden of Grace - Thomas Kinkade
Phew! This message from the GFoL follows hot on the heels of Ashtar Command's message that was highlighted in my previous post. It is virtually an expansion of the latter, and touches on the terra-forming that is required for Earth to revert to her original glorious state of existence before her (and Humanity's) downward spiral to 3D caused by dark and negative energies.

Looks like Mission Control is set to commence ground operations soon. As the ground crew, let's be prepared...we have work to do!

Ashtar Command via Greg Giles - 28 March 2012

I will say upfront that this message is one you will either accept or reject. It deals with what I call the "nuts and bolts" of Ascension, and that is why I'm posting it. It talks about the changes that Earth will be going through. However, I will also add that at the moment, the timeline believed by those of us in what I call the Ascension Camp (i.e.those who believe that this process is happening) is not singular; at best, we are hazy about which timeline represents the "truth" and at worst, we are deeply divided and confused.

In the early years, the picture presented for Earth's and Humanity's Ascension was very sanitised. It was as if we would simply glide into a higher consciousness and somehow, the physical transition from a 3D Earth to 5D would be free of any sort of "mess". Then various versions of this transition surfaced as the years went by, all differing from each other, and all insisting that each version was the "truth". I have long since learnt that "truth" has many levels, and we generally embody the level that we feel most comfortable with.

Lately, I have come to believe in a timeline that I have accepted -- the version where Earth will undergo a physical transformation from 3D to 5D through a complete terra-forming of her surface, back to her original and intended pristine beauty. We would need to remember that this won't be the first time Earth has gone through a "cleansing"... all those Great Floods in ancient texts are not just mere myths. And of course, there is also the sinking of Atlantis. After all, what place do highways, skyscrapers, oil-lines, power grids, communication towers, nuclear plants and other man-made monstrosities have in a world that is fifth dimensional?

The information in this message is similar with those from Hollow Earth Network, Sheldan Nidle and numerous accounts from Dolores Cannon's clients. It is also interesting to note that Ron Head had a message that basically prepares us for what's to come. He was so hesitant to post it that he had to seek confirmation prior to posting.

I will re-iterate this important point from the message: we will be safe by being re-located to various "holding stations" while Earth is terra-forming. And lastly, I request that if this message does not sit right with you, then just treat it as a fairy-tale of galactic proportions (pun unintended!) and toss it.

27 March 2012

Turning of the Tide?

Although I have been saying that recent messages appear to have a positive and progressive feel to them, after years of what has been very little forward movement, the latest messages that I've just read actually startled me. In a good way...a very good way indeed!

I will keep my own words to a minimum; I just need to re-iterate that discernment is required, as with everything you read, hear or see. I can only hope that these messages are the real deal, and that things are finally heading towards the right direction.

The focus of these messages centres around the restoration of Earth to her original pristine higher-dimensional glory and beauty; letting go of third dimension existence and preparing to move into fifth; being ready for the next phase.

20 March 2012

SaLuSa and Mike Quinsey


Since this year unfolded, many channels have become more informative and directional. There is more guidance than hand-holding, and for good reason, too. Time is running out and the Ascension Gateway is drawing nearer, so the time for gentle words and soothing comfort must now make way for action.

One such example is the SaLuSa messages, via Mike Quinsey. In recent months, the messages have become more focused with a better sense of preparation for what is to come. Mike channels these messages every few days or so; I just posted one on March 16 that carried important information, and there is a new one out today that also gives a good update. Due to the frequency of these channels being made, it would make more sense to receive these messages directly rather than for me to post them here each time I think they have pertinent information that must be shared. Time constraints also prevent me from posting as often as I would like. If you feel that SaLuSa's messages are beneficial, then please subscribe for them on their website given below.

There is also a recording of an interview of Mike in Our Galactic Family with Graham Dewyea; you can read the transcript or listen in by clicking the icon below. Mike has a most delightful energy so do try to spare the hour for the audio.

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17 March 2012

Salusa and Mike Quinsey - 16 March 2012

This message sets the theme and underlines the current developments now occurring at warp-speed. It echoes many other messages that are reporting onward movement in the unimaginable complex web of plans undertaken by so many unseen parties assisting us with this Ascension process. It is very reassuring to know that progress is being made...finally!

We are also reminded to do whatever we can to ensure that we do not get off-track on our own Ascension path. It is time now to become the higher consciousness being that we have been releasing, clearing, transmuting and practicing to be in the past years or so. Salusa also reminds us that each Soul's path is unique, and that not all will choose to go through this evolution at this point in time.

Read the message at Tree of the Golden Light. A new dawn awaits!

13 March 2012

Holding The Future In Our Hands - Solara

In her March update, Solara underlines the urgency of the Ho'o Pono Pono process, where we allow the healing, clearing, cleansing and releasing of ALL that no longer serves us. This is of utmost importance to allow our unhindered progress into the final stages of the Ascension preparation.

As the months of 2012 fly past, we no longer have the luxury of lingering or idling over our actions, or non-actions. Solara advises that March is the time for weeding out our gardens if we have allowed them to become somewhat overrun by what we truly do not need. Personally, I feel that this intense purging of all unnecessary baggage began with a vengeance since the 11:11:11. Events in our lives are nudging us closer and closer to where we need to be. And we are finding that making those tough calls are no longer as excruciatingly painful as they once were, simply because we see them from a higher perspective.

When we get into our heart space and align ourselves with our Divinity, we'll be able to pull out those weeds with no trouble at all :)

This is just a portion of a longer update, which you can subscribe for at the website. Please note that the site only displays the current month's update.

11 March 2012

Solfeggio Frequencies


Throughout the ages, so many tools, processes and practices that should have been a natural part of our daily living in the Light have been hijacked or hidden from us, or were simply corrupted in form, either intentionally or otherwise. One such "gift" is the use of Solfeggio Tones in raising our vibrations, activating DNA codes, chakra alignment, healing and balancing of energies.

There are several ways in which sound can affect us -- through energetic vibrations that affect our biological make-up, which is more than half water content, bearing in mind Dr Emoto's research on the crystalline structure of water; as sound energy that moves through our etheric/auric fields; as sound frequencies that affect our mind, just to mention a few. If we remember how easily it is, then, for sound to affect us, we will realise how much we are subjected to its influences every moment in our daily lives. Also bearing in mind that sound is just as capable of negatively affecting us as it is positively.

The different Solfeggio Tones are believed to be endowed with specific functions such as healing, releasing fear and guilt, aiding in transformational processes, raising vibrations, and more. These are a couple of sites that are excellent sources of information -- Solfeggio Frequencies and Soma Energetics. Of course, there are also Youtube versions of these frequencies, but there may perhaps be a degradation of sound quality as these are supposed to be pure tones.

Of course, there are many more sources available other than the ones I have suggested. Some incorporate several frequencies into one composition, for example, Gregorian chants, Sanskrit toning and even some New Age music. And they sound great!

Update 2 August 2012: Here are some that are available on Youtube (I just extract the audio):

432 Hz The Sound of You
Solfeggio Harmonics 528 Hz Miracle Meditation
741 Hz Frequency Awakening Intuition
852 Hz Frequency Returning to Spiritual Order
936 Hz Pineal Gland Activator Meditation
Solfeggio Master Frequency 1122 Hz Meditation

10 March 2012

Disclosure Petition II - The Rockefeller Initiative

When I first read about this petition some days ago, I didn't do anything because I thought that it was restricted to US citizens only. However, I just found out that this is a global project, and anyone can sign.

Stephen Bassett from the Paradigm Research Group is responsible for initiating this. Their first petition drew an official response from a White House representative; it was worded in such a manner that he felt encouraged to proceed with this second petition. Please go to his website or for more information.

I must admit that it takes quite a few steps to sign it, but please don't let it put you off. Even though we are already "micro-disclosures" in our own capacity, a formal disclosure will really send a quantum wave of Awakening throughout the globe. As I like to say, "Every soul counts."

Please go to the following link if you wish to add your energy to this:


03 March 2012


I read about orgonites a couple of years ago but it was only very recently that I actually decided to get one for myself. This was prompted by Jordan Duchnycz's Crystals Series (Part 4) where he featured Orgonites.

Well, my pretty little orgonite (pictured above) is now gracing my living area. I must say that when I scanned it with my hands, the energy felt wonderful yet powerful, despite its size (about 8cm square at the base). I ordered it online from S.E.A. Orgonite where they sell their orgonites in various shapes and colours; mine is pyramid-shaped, inserted with clear and rose quartz crystals and tipped with gold leaf at the top.

I won't get into the proof (or otherwise), mechanics or science of Orgonites; there is a plethora of information available for that. I simply wanted to do my part in sharing and spreading what I feel to be beneficial in one way or another for us to move forward in our journey. Having said that, I would however add that since crystals are involved, higher metaphysical properties apply. These cannot be fully comprehended by 3D thinking alone.

As always, go with what feels right.

** Suggestion: For more infomation, start with Don & Carol Croft's site.

02 March 2012

Embracing Change by Bren-ton via Mark Kimmel

After that massive surge of CME activity in mid-February, I feel it's time for another re-assuring message. Come to think of it, much of the information that is going out lately has been positive, with a sense that events are unfolding as they should, and at an accelerated rate at that. We have definitely turned a corner (especially after the 11:11:11 Gateway) and are now firmly placed in the Light. As Bren-ton mentions in this message, there is no doubt now that Humanity will make it to the fifth. All the collective toil, trouble and turbulence that we've gone through has paid off!

This message also talks about these solar flares. On a personal note, conscious breathing (lots of it!) and "down-time" (read: sleep) help greatly in assimilating these light frequencies. Believe me, if you don't consciously make time to allow these energies to come in, they will choose to do so somehow and that may mean that you suddenly have some strange temporary ailment that knocks you out for a couple of hours! It's better to do it the conscious way...

Earth and Humanity's Ascension is indeed an unprecedented Cosmic Event. Ascension has taken place before, but only one or few individuals at a time. Now, for the first time in the entire Cosmos, Earth and Humanity as a race are ascending together. This is why all eyes of the Cosmos are fixed upon us, with so many star nations involved in assisting this sacred event. Bren-ton speaks about this, too.

Other topics include:

  • The essential need for us to operate from a heart-based centre
  • Reminder of our Divine Sovereignty
  • Falling away of old structures and belief systems
  • Why some may resist changes
  • Focusing on, and staying in, higher vibrational frequencies.
Read the complete message at Mark Kimmel's Cosmic Paradigm.

Welcome to the New Dawn!