28 April 2012

Understanding Our Timelines Preview - Sheldan Nidle Webinar 3 May 2012

There will be a free preview on Thursday 3 May on the above topic by Sheldan Nidle. It's a glimpse into his May webinar which covers the main events that have been planned for the coming months leading up to December. This includes Disclosure, First Contact, cleaning up of Gaia's environment, and the involvement and assistance of the Agarthans in this amazing period for Humanity.

27 April 2012

Alien Interview - Matilda O Donell MacElroy and Lawrence Spencer

Roswell, 1947. We know what happened, we know about the cover-up that followed, and we know how this cover-up has morphed into the current mess of lies and deception that we now have to systematically tear apart to reveal the truth.

Alien Interview is told from a refreshing perspective of someone who "interviewed" the sole survivor of the Roswell crash. She is Matilda, a Flight Nurse at the Women's Army Air Force; the survivor is named Airl. With neither the background training nor notion about what she was about to encounter, Matilda acted like an open channel for information to flow through from Airl.

Matilda was the only personnel who was able to telepathically communicate with Airl. Although Matilda didn't know why this was so at the time of the interviews, she became aware of the reason later on in her life. The revelation sent a "truth tingle" through me! It is testament to how complex and beyond our third density mental capacity to even imagine how Soul contracts can work so intricately.

This book is supported by a massive amount of reference notes at the end; the interview itself is a bit over 100 pages and easy to read, so please don't be put off by the total 300+ pages.

25 April 2012

Lilou Mace Interviews Drunvalo Melchizedek - April 2012

This is a 40-minute video that expands further about what Drunvalo Melchizedek sees for the upcoming Shift into higher consciousness. Conducted by Lilou Mace, this interview reveals some amazing information (to me, at least!) about a team of Russian scientists who have deciphered the Crop Circle codes and are applying the information therein to prepare for the Ascension. This team includes former Cosmonaut Marina Popovich. What is "amazing" to me is that the Russian Government is taking the Shift seriously and being open to their people about it. This, to me, sounds like what every government in the world should be doing, and in turn, every soul incarnated on Earth right now should be busying themselves with -- raising their consciousness to get ready to journey with Gaia into the fifth dimension!

Drunvalo affirms the notion that this New Age will usher in the Feminine/Goddess energy, and is of the view that females will find this shift much easier to "get" because of this. I would like to add, however, that males who have learnt to embody, embrace and integrate their own Divine Feminine within themselves will be able to do this just as easily :)

He also gives some good news -- he is in the midst of preparing his website to offer resources to help people through this from a practical aspect. I certainly look forward to that!

PS. If there are any readers from Russia who would like to indicate if indeed the Russian Government is "involved" in preparations for Ascension, please let us know! Thank you :)

21 April 2012

Dreaming The Shift - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

In this message from Aluna Joy, she shares a dream where she saw the unfolding of the Shift. She described the atmosphere as having a purple tint, and she saw a beam of light at the top of Mt Shasta. Though everything appeared to be in some form of chaos, people were driven by an inner wisdom to follow their knowingness. They knew what to do, as if they had been preparing for this event, even though in "reality", they had not done it before. It was like a returning to zero-point, where the convergence of realities and merging of polarities take place.

She also shares a message from the Star Elders, who describe the impending Ascension as an egg being cracked. Once this happens, things will never be the same again -- we can't put the egg back in. The crack is the light we are embodying as we raise our own vibrational frequencies. She also mentions the symptoms are that persisting at this point in time, but despite what is occurring in our bodies and the obvious discomfort we feel, we are more content than ever before (because we are on our intended path?).

18 April 2012

The Prism of Lyra - Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

Subtitled "An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage", this is a handbook about the origins of the humanoid species. Originating from the Lyra Constellation, the authors tell of how the species developed over the ages from a simple concept that grew into several sub-origins.

The authors tell this history from the perspective of Light (the "Whole") passing through this prism that is Lyra, and fragmenting into different densities of existence. From this initial fragmentation came the creation of the Founders (also known as Watchers) who then emulated the Whole and proceeded to created their own fragmentations to explore polarity and eventual integration. Over the long ages of timelessness, their creations took on many lives of their own, growing exponentially, becoming more convoluted, complex and unpredictable. The Founders were overwhelmed, and eventually lost direct contact with their genetic creations.

And so the age-old history of the Galactic Human unfolded and spread all over this Universe, with untold conflicts, divergent motives, power struggles and eternal battles between Light and Dark playing out.

The eventual resolution is the time of Ascension that we are experiencing right now. Our Ascension into fifth dimension is the solution to this eternal power play that we ourselves are enacting on Earth. Healing our (their) past, being conscious of our now, and choosing our future path will impact the lineage of all races of the Galactic Human. We are literally the solution to this universal and ageless dilemma.

We are The Earth Plan that worked!

Reading this book (and it's free) will allow us to appreciate how indescribably complex Life really is, and to acknowledge that there are so many "players" who have direct vested interest in Earth Humans. We will also realise that this humongously vast scope is in many ways the reason for so much of the differing "fronts" that we are experiencing right now because obviously, the various players have different agendas or modes of "helping" the situation. And most importantly, for me at least, is the underlying goal of the eventual integration of polarities as we ascend into higher dimensions.

Please remember that this is from the perspective of the authors and I am in no position to authenticate its contents (unless I suddenly become totally enlightened...). Having said that, I will state that I resonate with most of what has been written.

Constellation of Hercules with Corona and Lyra by Sir John Thornhill

16 April 2012

All Events Will Now Work To Produce The Divine Order - Michael via Ron Head

Here's something short and sweet to start off the week on a happy note. I know some of us are close to screaming N-O-W-WWWW!!! Or as Diana Luppi channeled in ET 101, INVADE ALREADY!!! Honestly, there are many moments in my days these past few months when I simply do not know how to continue existing in this world. And these moments are growing longer in duration and increasing in numbers.

So let's enjoy this dosage of sweet sedative, take a very deep breath and...continue with our business of raising our consciousness. It is, after all, the pre-requisite for Ascension :)

Read the message at Oracles and Healers.

11 April 2012

Thrive : What On Earth Will It Take?

Although this movie has been out for some time, I've just finished watching it recently. It's well-made with gorgeous graphics, filled with it's-about-time truths and really, really useful as a tool in our efforts to help with the Awakening process. Although it doesn't go where I had hoped i.e. Ascension itself, it is nevertheless a great primer to encourage people to watch without upsetting the apple-cart too much. Coupled with Drake's interview with David Wilcock, I feel we are ready to take on the people in our lives who are very plugged into the 3D illusion.

And this is absolutely free! Grateful thanks to Foster and Kimberley Procter :)

This docu-movie revolves around the premise that Live is meant to naturally thrive, and we can see evidence of this around us...except for Humanity. Poverty, lack, war, suffering...what went wrong? The toroid (Flower of Life) as a natural state of "thriving" is used as a basis for exploring viable solutions. Guests include Nassim Haramein, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Steven Greer, Adam Trombly.

Some of the topics covered:
  • Flower of Life symbol prevalent in many ancient cultures across the world
  • Crop circle's answer (in 2001) to NASA's 1974 digital transmission into deep space
  • 3D representation of some of these 2D crop circles
  • The vector equilibrium and its 64-tetrahedron crystal and their application to free energy resources
  • Adam Trombly explains how every person or area can become an energy resource
  • Tesla's anti-gravity experiments
  • Why Disclosure cannot be allowed to happen
  • Food and energy -- who really controls these?
  • Domination of health and education
  • Suppression of alternate health remedies and cures
  • Federal Reserve Banking System and its debilitating effects on people
  • Tapeworm economy infestation
  • Agenda for global domination
  • Prison walls of soceital norms
  • How "problems" are created, then solutions offered, by the very same people
  • False flag operations such as 9/11
  • "Time to say enough; there is another way"
  • Our individual choices for change
  • Torus-dynamic solutions as wholistic, practical and non-violent alternatives. 

08 April 2012

Drake and David Wilcock Interview - 28 March 2012

This is really late, I know...and you've probably listened to it already but I'll just post it for reference.

The transcript for this very important 3-hour interview is now available, so this is great for those who prefer to read. To listen, you can download the mp3 in three parts from the same page. Just scroll down until you get to either the mp3 links or the transcript itself.

Drake has such an interesting energy, and I enjoyed listening to this interview. It mainly centres around the mass arrests of the cabal and the impending massive changes that we've been waiting for all...these...l.o.n.g...years. This is really good for us to use as a tool in "encouraging" the people in our lives who are still, shall we say, "unconvinced". Drake also covers some background history that led to his current mission. It's interesting to note that these plans were already existing since as far back as 1979. But then again, this Ascension process has been in the works for almost 26,000 years...

And the part about the weapons not working...reminds me of Errand of Mercy from Star Trek (TOS)!

Tree-hugging hippies from space...I've not heard that before but it sounds good!  :)

Please help spread the word. Grateful thanks to David Wilcock for doing this.

Madonna 15th painting, with UFO in background

05 April 2012

Zorra and Zaraya from Hollow Earth Network - 31 March 2012

Mario Duguay   etoiledefeudor.e-monsite.com

This took me some time to get through, all 3 hours of it. It was a special message because Zaraya/Billie will be leaving for Hollow Earth very soon, as planned months ago. Zaraya's mission on Earth was to spread the news about Hollow Earth and Ascension, which he certainly has done over the past one year. Mission accomplished, he's now returning "home", back to his 5D being as an Agharthian.

Since the very beginning, Zorra has always delivered messages about the upcoming changes that were practical, meant primarily to help us raise our vibrations to a higher frequency. He has constantly insisted that this is of utmost importance and that we should devote time and effort to do just that. I feel this is something that can be so easily forgotten when we get too caught up in the peripheral ripples of what's transpiring; we need to remember that we actually need to raise our consciousness. Zorra was the first to come out openly to declare that "Comet" Elenin was actually a mothership from Sirius, and that it's already poised to decloak. He was also one of the first to make public (and stated it in a matter-of-fact way) the events to expect in the upcoming months leading to the Ascension Gateway.

Some of the information include the following:

  • Love is truly the way and the answer
  • Think with your heart-mind, which is the key to infinite creation
  • The truth behind 9/11, WWII. Vietnam and Gulf Wars
  • Origin of headbands (made and sold on the site)
  • Zaraya and Jane's new Earth Mission in the near future
  • Effects of the photon belt (nothing to fear!)
  • Trip to HE; absolutely imperative to raise consciousness
  • Higher consciousness of the I Am Presence
  • Instructions for making a crystal communicator / generator
  • Replacement for Zaraya so that Zorra's messages can continue to reach public
  • Eating foods from local geographic regions
  • Energy "inputs" on most major mountains to assist in bringing in higher vibrational frequencies
  • Reclamation of surface elements back into Earth (concrete jungles, highways, etc)
  • Religions and controls
  • Why the Fukushima tsunami had to occur
  • Hollow Earth entrances in Jamaica, Germany, San Diego etc.
  • Each Soul makes decision to ascend
  • Using molecular clinical iodine on parental/source/root tumour to heal cancer, also Laminine and Gen II frequencies
  • We are at the centre of the Cosmic stage
  • "Grand Experiment" coming to a final close. (Thank Heavens!)

Listen to the audio.

03 April 2012

Suppressed Revelations and Impending Changes - Pleiadian High Council via Wes Annac

I admit that I haven't had time to feature a few previous messages that expanded on Earth's transition to 5D; I simply could not make the time required to do so, unless I forgo sleep altogether :) However, I came across this channel by Wes Annac and felt that I couldn't possibly let it go without featuring it here, even if it's just for reference.

I must say at the outset that there isn't really any new information, except for a more detailed explanation about the upcoming surface changes as Mother Earth transitions to 5D. It is very well explained, and definitely one of the most straightforward and "transparent" I've heard channeled! For that, I am eternally grateful because to be honest, I sometimes get so annoyed with messages that are cryptic and dance around pertinent issues without actually addressing them directly. God knows I've had a few words with "them" - sometimes my meditations can be rather...shall we say, "blunt".

So this message via Wes Annac really answered something that has been the topic of hot debate lately, explaining with clarity why seemingly opposing views have being offered, and again, assuring us of safety. If I may add here -- I feel it's vitally important to remember that we have a "job" to perform, the one we signed up for before we came here. And fear isn't anywhere in that job description :)

01 April 2012

Galactic Federation of Light via Greg Giles - 31 March 2012

The main message in this channel is to ask us to be in a place of love as opposed to fear. This is the follow-up of the GFoL's earlier message of 29 March. Here, they touch on the residual fears and karmic memories we may be carrying from the time of Atlantis, and how they can hinder us from making fear-free choices that can move us through this blockage by healing and releasing this cataclysmic past. We will have the opportunity to do just that by "re-writing" history -- going through Earth's restoration to her pristine template but this time, being safe and protected. To emerge from this process and b able to resume our lives in our physical bodies as 5D beings on a 5D planet.

It is rather long, but well-worth the time to read it.