18 April 2012

The Prism of Lyra - Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

Subtitled "An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage", this is a handbook about the origins of the humanoid species. Originating from the Lyra Constellation, the authors tell of how the species developed over the ages from a simple concept that grew into several sub-origins.

The authors tell this history from the perspective of Light (the "Whole") passing through this prism that is Lyra, and fragmenting into different densities of existence. From this initial fragmentation came the creation of the Founders (also known as Watchers) who then emulated the Whole and proceeded to created their own fragmentations to explore polarity and eventual integration. Over the long ages of timelessness, their creations took on many lives of their own, growing exponentially, becoming more convoluted, complex and unpredictable. The Founders were overwhelmed, and eventually lost direct contact with their genetic creations.

And so the age-old history of the Galactic Human unfolded and spread all over this Universe, with untold conflicts, divergent motives, power struggles and eternal battles between Light and Dark playing out.

The eventual resolution is the time of Ascension that we are experiencing right now. Our Ascension into fifth dimension is the solution to this eternal power play that we ourselves are enacting on Earth. Healing our (their) past, being conscious of our now, and choosing our future path will impact the lineage of all races of the Galactic Human. We are literally the solution to this universal and ageless dilemma.

We are The Earth Plan that worked!

Reading this book (and it's free) will allow us to appreciate how indescribably complex Life really is, and to acknowledge that there are so many "players" who have direct vested interest in Earth Humans. We will also realise that this humongously vast scope is in many ways the reason for so much of the differing "fronts" that we are experiencing right now because obviously, the various players have different agendas or modes of "helping" the situation. And most importantly, for me at least, is the underlying goal of the eventual integration of polarities as we ascend into higher dimensions.

Please remember that this is from the perspective of the authors and I am in no position to authenticate its contents (unless I suddenly become totally enlightened...). Having said that, I will state that I resonate with most of what has been written.

Constellation of Hercules with Corona and Lyra by Sir John Thornhill

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