29 May 2012

Return of the Goddess Meditation June 5 - Portal 2012

This is another initiative by Cobra to keep the momentum of this Sandwich Eclipse/Venus Transit going so let's do our part! As I love to say, every iota of Light counts :)  We can do this!    Read more...

26 May 2012

Update by Cobra - 25 May 2012

I just saw this update by Cobra and thought I should post it immediately since I suggested to continue the meditations in my previous post. It's a good update; let's continue our efforts...let's get those grids off for good!

Jaime Maussan and Eclipse Crop Circles

Since we are still in the energy "sandwich" of May 20 and June 6, I thought it would be a good excuse to post something on crop circles, especially ones that refer to these two high-energy events.

Jaime Maussan points out the details of these two eclipses in the respective crop circles, beautifully created as usual. The recent Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20 and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on June 4, merging with the Venus Transit over June 5&6 is the period that will see the Earth's grids going through another major re-boot and re-structuring, sealed and locked in by June 6. A major wave of Light is washing over Earth at this period in time, further reinforcing the structural framework for the Golden Age.

We're still buzzing from the download on May 20...let's continue with the meditations to keep bringing the energies in!

This video is about 5 minutes in length.

25 May 2012

Light and Dark Forces - Portal 2012


Right...I'm going to say, again, that I am in no position to pronounce this information as the absolute truth or otherwise. All I will say is this -- what I've read is what I've felt to be "true" and makes me feel happy enough to post it, and especially so since there's so much on-going debate and confusion about who is of the Light and who is not. I don't feel the animosity or drama from this source, unlike some who claim to be of the Light and yet attack another Messenger/Lightworker in the next sentence. I personally feel very distressed sometimes when I see the drama and judgmental attitude going around the alternative communities; we are really not helping each other when we lower our consciousness. This scenario is sometimes no different from the religious animosity that exists in the mainstream world.

Our own self-empowerment is of paramount importance. We need to understand that first and foremost, we are responsible for our own "salvation"; we need to raise our consciousness and release all that no longer serves us. We need to help ourselves first, before anyone else can help us. We should also discern for ourselves what we want in our field of Ascension and leave what doesn't resonate with us. And finally, we should always remember that our focus is on the Light and moving forward.

But I digress...so here is Cobra's summary of all those involved in this gargantuan undertaking of helping Humanity liberate itself from the Dark, as well as those who are keeping us from achieving our own Ascension. Please note that what Cobra has written about the mind-programming is one main source of all the confusion we are facing at the moment regarding the Galactic Federation, GFL, Galactic Confederation, or by all the other names that they are also known.

23 May 2012

Grener in An Hour With An Angel via Linda Dillon

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Sufficient time has passed for the dust to settle after the aborted Neptune trip for Grener to present himself to pick up where we left off. And since I have commented about this quite a bit in a previous post, I will follow the flow and feature this.

In this interview with Geoffrey West, Grener through Linda Dillon goes into more detail about the background and subsequent reasons for the non-event, offering an apology for the abrupt turnaround which led to the failure of the highly-publicised and much-anticipated trip.

Grener speaks about the energetic "adjustments" that must be carried out, the "step-ups" and "step-downs" of energies so that an optimum level is maintained in cases where their ground crew goes to the surface, or when we are onboard ships. This in no way suggests that they are better or that we are lower down in the rung -- it's just a matter of spiritual physics. He also reiterates that we are being assisted in our own Ascension process and that we have not, and will never be, abandoned to go it alone. It is our collective Soul Plan, and the Galactics and Ascended Masters have been busy carrying out its requirements.

And that "D" word again...? Grener shares that Disclosure will likely be more of a "creeping light", of being leaked rather than an outright announcement.

I love the last bit of this interview -- "We slipped it in..."

Listen to the interview, or read the transcript.

21 May 2012

Message From Inner Earth - Greg Giles 20 May 2012

The Inner Earth beings bring a message through Greg Giles, reminding us that they are as eager to emerge to the surface to reunite with us as we are with them. They spend much time helping Mother Earth and the environment through these last months leading to Ascension. They also have a hand in keeping the Dark's agenda at bay and eventually eliminating their influences. Work is also being carried out to prepare us for the upcoming Earth changes in the months ahead.

This enlightened Agarthan family of ours that exists below the surface are also looking forward to show us their world, which is the what the surface world would be birthing. From what Zorra of Hollow Earth Network previously described, it is indeed a Garden of Eden.

The Inner Earth beings have been subject to military attacks before in the past, and have successfully protected their realm. This threat no longer exists for them; it is for this same reason that they have been prevented from emerging onto the surface world to reunite with us earlier.

19 May 2012

Cosmic Vision News - 19 May 2012

Geoffrey West brings us another interesting episode of his alternative news radio show; these are some of the topics discussed:

  • Will Smith's son, Jaden, asks President Obama about aliens
  • Dark Cabal's fears about the truth being exposed
  • How truth can be a relative and subjective matter, depending on the individual
  • How lies can be presented as "truth" by mainstream media
  • Why we should learn to discern for ourselves what we deem to be "truth" - where is the love?
  • Drake, Bill Brockbrader (Wood), Cobra and where they are coming from - ultimately, what is it that we truly want?
  • 12-year old Victoria Grant explains the financial system
  • The Annular Solar Eclipse, expected to pass Mt Fuji and Mt Shasta, and its amplifying effects (includes brief extract by Archangel Michael throughh Linda Dillon)
  • Call to participate in May 20's visualisation event as per Cobra (here's the link)
  • Sheldan Nidle's discussion about the Annunaki & Anchara Alliance (here's the link)
  • Avaaz petition www.bit.ly/wPMwRb
Note: The links in brackets are provided are by me, in the belief that they are what Geoffrey has referred to, based on what I remember. Apologies if he had intended otherwise.

About Supa from Colleen Marshall - From "Your Galactic Neighbours" by Sheldan Nidle

I recently received a posting of an excerpt from PAO (Planetary Activation Organization). It was about Colleen Marshall's encounters with a lovely being called Supa; I enjoyed reading it and asked Colleen if I could use it here. She graciously sent me a link to the entire chapter from where the excerpt originated, Your Galactic Neighbours by Sheldan Nidle. It contained much more than the excerpt, and reading the entire chapter was most enlightening, even about the Bellatricians. Supa is the Arcturian who was assigned to help Sheldan align his energies during the writing process.

Here's what the chapter talks about:
  •  Colleen's experiences of the writing process while Sheldan was receiving downloads for the book
  • Confirmation that Earth is truly the Living Library of the Galaxy from the amazing diversity of all life-forms found here
  • Humanity's yearning to return to Oneness
  • Supa's views about daily life on Earth and her reaction to a visit to the dentist (I totally agree!)
  • Involvement of the Arcturians with Earth's and Humanity's Ascension
  • How life is for Galactic societies - on home planets as well as spaceships
  • Supa's advice on laughter and posture
  • Colleen's encounter with the Bellatricians
  • Our ongoing evolution to become a Galactic society.

May 20 Annular Solar Eclipse and Ascension

There are several meditaions planned for this day, when new bursts of energies will be bringing in codes and frequencies to further intensify and lock-in the Ascension timeline. I won't be featuring any particular meditation here, since I feel that people get into their own "zone" in different ways. I, for one, have always found it distracting to follow a "set" meditation, and I tend to do it in my own way if I wish to see any reasonable degree of success.

So all I will do here is to echo the general theme for the day, i.e. to set the intention for Earth to continue with her ascension as smoothly as possible, and for Humanity to create our new higher consciousness existence with minimal disruption or delay.

I think that if someone could take an etheric picture of the globe during this day, it would be a most dazzling display of love and light!

See you in the ethers!

18 May 2012

Lightworkers Entering The New Era - Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe

Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua to bring us this message. It has felt to me that May has been a sort of "cleansing" month, where parts and aspects of ourselves that have yet to find resolution come up all at once for our attention. This inner work that is required is the theme of Jeshua's message.

We already know what needs to be done, but perhaps sometimes we don't actually get around to doing it. Jeshua reminds us all over again that creation of the New Earth truly occurs from within. We will need to reinforce our connection with our Soul and continue to bring in the Light. Focusing on external issues and "living" too much in the mind will only serve to hinder us from getting to where we need to be.

To reach this message, scroll down a bit until you see the link underneath "New Channeling" on the left side of the main page. There is also a Q&A section after the message.

17 May 2012

Cosmic Vision News - Geoffrey West 11 May 2012

Time for updates from the Ground Intel! I'm late in posting this, so you may have already heard it. Highlights of this one-hour radio show include:

  • Upcoming G8 meeting moved from Chicago to Camp David could be due to recent alleged assassination attempts on President Obama by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Netanyahu
  • US participating in International Criminal Court
  • How these two events above could be initial steps to facilitate mass arrests of Dark Cabal
  • Obama's overly challenging role as a being of Light
  • Updates from Bill Brockbrader (Bill Wood) - Obama's efforts as US President thwarted by Dark Cabal from Day 1, preparations underway for upcoming mass arrests of Dark Cabal, Galactic intervention causing malfunction of war weapons (news of this happening never fails to delight me!)
  • New Paradigm by Mike Quinsey
  • Going forward by James Gilliland
  • Michael Tellinger's efforts against banking industry in South Africa
  • Financial state of affairs by Benjamin Fulford
  • Disclosure plans and new monetary system by Sheldan Nidle
  • President Obama's support of same-sex marriage and the reactions to this announcement
  • The drug and medical industries by Dr Walter Urban, including how diseases are "manufactured" so that drugs can be created to "cure" them, drugs for young children, body's intelligence to heal itself, drugs for cancer, treatment of symptoms instead of wholistic health, live essences in foods.

Amnesty Sought For Military Witnesses of UFOs - Huffington Post 16 May 2012

I just read this on 2012 Scenario and wanted to share it straightaway, but I will link it back to the source, which is my practice. Could this be an obvious attempt to pave the way for Disclosure? Yes, please!

The person behind this is Retired Army Colonel John Alexander.

The Benefits of Unity Consciousness - Adamu via Zingdad

Unity Consciousness (together with L.O.V.E) is the underlying thread that weaves the pieces of the Ascension process together, and it is one theme that is becoming more prevalent and loud as we get closer and closer to the 12:12:12 Gateway.

In this 16-minute video, which is the third in a series on this subject, Adamu through Zingdad outlines the 8 benefits, or rather, gifts of attaining Unity Consciousness, which is based on the fact that We Are All One. This is where we get to when we leave Duality Consciousness (the Game of Polarity) behind. Adamu encourages us to claim the inherent gifts now, in this lifetime, where the window of opportunity is upon us to do so, rather than decide to go through more incarnation cycles before we finally feel ready to embrace Unity Consciousness.

However, it cannot be denied that all Souls have their own path to journey, and with this in mind, Adamu guides us through a meditative exercise to determine if we are willing and ready to leave duality.

This comes with a transcript, too.

All Is One.

13 May 2012

The Awakening of An by Solara - May 2012

Solara reports that May is when we begin another major phase of our Awakening; the melding of our Divine Feminine and Masculine, the Sacred Union of the Sun and Moon energies (An). It is the falling away of Duality, and into Oneness.

In this respect, all that no longer serves Oneness in our lives will begin to fade and leave us as we move deeper into Mua (the new cycle reset from 11:11:11). Releasing what cannot exist in our True Reality as we become more of Who We Really Are. This would also bring about the emergence of past issues for us to resolve once and for all so that we can move ahead, unhindered.

This is just an excerpt of the full report, which is available to paying members. Please note that this month's free extract will only be available on this link until the following month's report is loaded.

12 May 2012

The 12 Olympians With GFL via Demetra - 9 May 2012

The first time I knew about Demetra was about two weeks ago when I read that particular channeled message and went *!*!*!...  Please interpret that to mean a sharp intake of breath followed by no breath for some time. It was such a decisive message that left me wondering what to make of it. Despite its forceful tone, the underlying message is one that ties in with the general wave of development at the moment i.e. events that are to pave the way for Disclosure and First Contact. (Although I must say it's taking its time...)

In this latest message, we are being urged to do our own clearing and releasing so that we are able to see beyond the veil of 3D Illusion. We are also asked to activate the Universal Law of Attraction and Law of Reciprocity in asking for Disclosure, leading to First Contact during the summer. It is our sovereign and evolutionary right to Ascend into the higher dimensions.

I will also provide the link to the earlier message, which in essence proclaims the return of control over the portals of Earth back to the Olympians, the catalyst being the 5:5:5 Activation.

Please note that these messages are available in several different languages.

11 May 2012

Galactic Federation of Light via Greg Giles - 10 May 2012

 We are reminded in this message that we are not, and have never been alone on this journey here on Earth. Each of us has our own Soul Path to traverse; no being of Light can interfere in our journey, except when assistance is requested. The GFL has likened this lifetime trek as a long sea journey, and they can at times be the wind that helps with the direction of our Soul growth.

Just as Higher Beings enjoy the advantage of a higher vantage point that allows them to see beyond the surface of 3D linear "reality", so too can we if we remind ourselves now and then to climb up that mast of our Soul Ship and take in the bigger picture.

This seemingly never-ending and oft-tumultuous journey of ours is very near its end. We will soon dock at the harbour that we can actually now see just up ahead of the nearing horizon of land.

We will be Home soon.

10 May 2012

Sky Watching - Star Fleet Ships Sightings

Update 9 June 2013
I'm at the stage where I can no longer keep up adequately with posting individual sightings ~ the frequency of really good ones are increasing so drastically as the days go by and our Star Brethren (which include our sub-terranean Family) fulfill their promise to increase sightings, even in daylight. You can visit these great sites, which dedicate themselves to posting such sightings:
Educating Humanity
UFO Disclosure Ireland
Alien Disclosure Group UK
Look Now TV
UFO Sightings Daily 
Blue Star UFO Report 
UFO Sightings Hotspot 
Daily Saucer 
Anonymous FO 
UFO Blogger
Latest UFO Sightings

I've recently compiled some video clips of sightings, at the request of my mother (!). I've also made a few copies of these clips to pass around, so I thought it would be so much easier for me to just put them all in one place for viewing. I will update this page periodically.

I have done a bit of "investigating" and found that some videos that have current dates are actually re-published versions of older ones. Since I don't have the time to verify this for every clip, I will just post them as I see them, with the current date, unless I get too suspicious..

UFODI News: Huge Saucer Over The US 31 May 2013

  Blue StarShip UFO Report 19 May 2013

UFODI News: A Big Cluster of UFOs Appear Over Bolivian Military Training

UFODI News: Huge Armada of White Orb UFOs Pass Overhead ~ New York

Blue StarShip UFO Report 11 May 2013

Best UFO Sightings April 2013 ~ Looknowtv

Best UFO Sightings March 2013 ~ Looknowtv

Blue StarShip UFO Report

UFO Cloudship ET Massive Fleet Sighting

Giant Disc-shaped UFO Filmed Over the Moon

Best UFO Sightings of March 2013 AFO

Alien Contact Above and Below - Suspect Sky (30-mins)

UFODI News : UFOs in Formation Flying Low Over Cork, Ireland

UFO Seen In Hi-Res NASA Photo

Best of UFOs Weekly March 2013 Part 1
(the image at the 1:11  mark!!)

Best of UFOs Weekly March 2013 Part 4

Some Incredible UFO Photos Submitted - Galactic Connection

Strange Object Seen Through SOHO

UFOs Over Vancouver March 29, 2013

Many thanks to Blue StarShip/UFO Report from Galactic Free Press for the following 5 videos:
*Spectacular UFO Lenticular Cloud, Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico March 22, 2013

*Latest UFOs/Aliens Seen Sitting @The Sun 2013

 *Woman Films UFO From Her Backyard

*Pilot Captures Stunning UFO Over Texas

*UFO Lands in Populated Area

Alert! Huge Smoking Mothership

Amazing New Alien Light UFO Ovni Ozn 2013

"Spring Equinox" UFO Craft Deploying Orange Orbs Over Bawsey Woods UK
(18-minutes long but keep watching, it gets interesting towards the middle)

UFO Disclosure : What Retired Generals Say

UFO Destroys Meteor Over Japan?

Triangle UFO Sparkles During Morph March 4, 2013 Pennsylvania

Incredible UFO Bounces Off The Sun

Amazing UFO Attacked Meteorite to Defend Ourselves

UFO Filmed Through Binoculars Over Norway

Amazing UFO Passes Near Meteor

UFOs Return to Popacatepetl Volcano 2013

Red Flash at ISS

  Multiple UFOs Watch LDCM Booster Separation

ISS, UFOs Taking Off From Earth 3 February 2013

Aliens2UFO.com UFO 2013 Unknown Object Videotaped Over Montana

UFO Sighting Over Melbourne, Australia - FindingUFO

UFOs Swooping Down on Cotulla?

 13.2.2013 Strange Objects Orbiting Crescent Moon

Alien Star Map Found in Kupang, Indonesia?

Starship/UFO Sighting Over Cottonwood AZ February Feb 9

NASA Jellyfish UFOs and Anomalies 2013

UFO Lasco C2 January 2013

Real Footage UFO 2013 At Maximum Zoom
(actually a collection of past sightings, but still good!)

NASA Reporting Giant UFO in Space

UFO Over Atlantic City January 2013

UFO Sightings ... Oakland

Ovnis Con Formas Nunca Antes Vistas Enero 2013

Stunning UFO Sightings 2013

Wormhole Sighting Over Russia January 21, 2013

UFO Pursued by Drone Over Blake and Unser?

Wave of UFO Sightings in Victoria BC January 13, 2013

UFO Sighting January 17, 2013 Mothership Releasing UFOs Fairfax County

Flying Disk Lands in Texas?

Incredible UFO Filmed by Commercial Pilot 2013

 Triangle Shaped Cloaked UFO Moving Against the Clouds

CNN 2013 UFO Exclusive Disclose
(Although this was published in 2012!)

Real Amazing UFOs of 2013

Real UFO Mothership 2013

UFO Over Moon

Strange Lights Over Phoenix UFO

Mysterious Lights in the Sky Over Detroit 2013

UFO Russia December 26, 2012

UFO - Daylight Sphere Doing Its "Thing"

1 Jan 2013 UFOs Over Sacramento Explosion

Anomalies and UFOs Near the Sun - NASA Hiding 2 January 2013

Best UFO Sightings December 2012 Volume 1

08 May 2012

Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn - Timely Reminders to Keep Going

In a recent discussion with a  few Lightworker friends, the topic (as always) turned to the challenges we faced in "sharing" the Ascension process with family and friends. Even if, in the rare occasion, one or two of them actually got the gist of what we were trying to say, they wouldn't go further than what they have heard. They simply had no interest, inspiration or motivation to go beyond or delve deeper. At most, it was an "interesting" concept for them.

At some point in our conversation, I explained that although it was easy for us to understand what Humanity and Gaia are going through, it may not be that way for others. As far as they are concerned, they are only reacting in a perfectly "normal" manner, and having very little interest in the whole idea. We came in "wired" for this period; not everyone came in with this same wiring that allowed this understanding in such a fluid manner.

I cannot take credit for this explanation because the knowledge came from some teaching or material that I read or heard; I could not, however, remember the source(s).

Then just yesterday I was led to a blog (which I didn't even know of before this), and my eyes went straight to a paragraph which was an extract from Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn, and there it was... the explanation for our situation in sharing with others (appended at the end of this post). This book must have been one of the sources that allowed me the understanding of the whole "wired" thing. Since synchronicity led me so elegantly to it, I thought I would bring it up as a reminder to ourselves that some people simply are not wired to "get it"...yet. This would help us to have compassion in understanding their situation. But it doesn't mean we give up :)

For me, this book is one of the "Ascension Bibles" for Lightworkers. It is packed with codes, keys, frequencies and patterns that help to trigger recall of ancient memories deep within us, and activate certain phases of our own process. Although it is teachings from Pleiadians, it is just as applicable no matter from which star system we originate -- we are here to carry out the Earth mission, and at this point in time, it is for the most part a Pleaidian Project.

Having said all that, I still feel that with so few months left of the year and with so much Light already anchored within the planetary system (as well as the presence of the Star Fleet practically circling Earth), the heightened frequencies will allow for easier awakening and better assimilation of what's truly happening when it's "time". For that reason, we shouldn't give up or stop what we are supposed to be doing. We should continue bringing forth the Light and Truth about the Ascension to our own circle of family and friends. Without evangelising, of course :)   The day will soon come when they are ready for it.

Thanks to Piercing the Veil of Reality for these extracts from Bringers of the Dawn.


“You represent the renegade group of light, and you have agreed to come back on the planet. You are on assignment. You come into these physical bodies and take them over, and you intend, through the power of your spiritual identity, to change the physical body. You all selected with great care the genetic lines that would best give you head starts with all of this. Each of you chose a genetic history through which members of the Family of Light have threaded….

As members of the Family of Light, you have incarnated on this planet to prepare yourselves to do your work. What is your work? Your work is quite simple: you carry frequency into systems that have limited light frequency, because light is information. This is not cold, computer-data information; it is information that is transmitted biologically through an electromagnetic send-out of consciousness. This is what you are experts in. If you were to have a business card printed up for yourselves when you are in full memory of your identity, it would say something like: “Renegade Member of Family of Light. Systems Buster. Available for altering systems of consciousness within the free-will universe. On call.“….
You go for it! This is what you do. This is an aspect of your identity that you all have in common, and you are here in the millions at this time. You are here primarily to remember who you are, to operate multi- dimensionally within the system, and to teach humans-the natives in this place that have been under frequency control for a long time….

The task for you members of the Family of Light who have desired to take this information inside of yourselves is to anchor a new frequency on the planet by anchoring it impeccably inside yourselves. This is not easy. It was not meant to be easy. You did not come here to have an easy assignment. You are renegades, and you have been renegades…

Before you came into the body, all of you committed to designing events that would fire your codings, or blueprints that would activate your memories. Then you came into the body and you forgot. All of you have had your blueprints and codings fired to some extent because you understand that there is a divine purpose or Divine Plan that you are a part of…

Part of the friction you feel with others is that you are on this path of evolution and bursting forth. Others don’t like this because they are not coded at this time to respond the way you are. Some people are not coded at all for this

As members of the Family of Light, you are renegades. You are systems busters, here to conquer your own fears and to show the rest of the planet that there is no reason to fear anything. You love to go in and cause trouble. You are famous, your branch of the Family of Light. You are famous for going into systems of reality and altering the frequency, thus bringing information. It is not your task as members of the Family of Light to proselytize. You simply go into systems and act as receptacles; you receive the creative cosmic rays into your bodies, the bodies that you occupy as humans. You are in disguise as humans, and you allow a process to take place…"

05 May 2012

Ascension 101

  • Releasing is not an option; you will cast off all 3D limitations and related baggage 
  • You will delve deep within your dark dungeons
  • Greater awareness leads to greater truths; greater truths lead to greater understanding
  • You will "get" the Big Picture
  • You will hop off the Karmic Wheel
  • There are no short-cuts
  • You are your own salvation
  • The God you seek is within
  • You will know Yourself
  • Love truly is the answer
  • You will Ascend.

Greg Giles - Galactic Federation of the Light 4 May 2012

Pretty Butterfly by Sharon Apted www.publicdomainpicture.,net

The Galactic Federation of Light through Greg Giles offers us some assurance about what we are about to go through during the transitional period before the actual Shift in Dimension occurs. This message covers the preparation we will need to undergo for this indescribably amazing event.

  • Guidance provided by the GFL to Humanity in becoming a member of the Galactic Society
  • Bringing forth suppressed technology and benefits to all on Earth
  • Role of Lightworkers during this Transition
  • Answering Gaia's call for assistance in ascending to higher dimensions
  • Encouraging us to discover our full potential and sovereignty as higher beings.

Video of Understanding Our Timelines Preview - Sheldan Nidle

This is a follow-up of the previous post. Sheldan Nidle has posted the preview video up on Youtube due to high interest in the subject. The actual webinar on the same topic is scheduled for May 20 & 24.

01 May 2012

Where To From Here? Sheldan Nidle Interview with Rahasya Poe

Sheldan Nidle, as far as I'm aware, has always given lots of information in his interviews and this one is no exception. Although conducted by Rahasya Poe in 2011, what he has to say is even more valid now given the fact that we are on the brink of evolving into higher consciousness.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What happened to Humanity after the fall of Atlantis
  • Why the Annunaki and their agenda came into our reality
  • How their influence was perpetuated and continued by the Dark Cabal
  • Anchara Treaty in 1995 between the Anchara Alliance and Galactic Federation, and how this treaty affected the Dark Cabal
  • Why our Planetary Awakening has taken much longer than anticipated
  • Earth Allies of elitists, influentials and secret societies, all of the Light, working under First Contact Team of GFL
  • What we can do as empowered co-creators to facilitate the New Reality
  • The common denominator in religions that allow a Unity Consciousness awareness
  • Golden Age and emergence of the Diamond Mind
  • The heart as the centre and base of wisdom
  • 3-pronged "attack" to fuel Ascension: Divine Intervention, Galactic Assistance and our own quantum leap of Inner Consciousness
  • Becoming a Physical/Human Angel (once again), and mentoring by Space Families and Inner Earth Higher Beings
  • Enlightenment and "lightening up"
  • Compassion (some degree of it) exists in each one of us, including those of the "dark".

This interview is in 6-parts. Please scroll down this page until you see the segments.