19 May 2012

Cosmic Vision News - 19 May 2012

Geoffrey West brings us another interesting episode of his alternative news radio show; these are some of the topics discussed:

  • Will Smith's son, Jaden, asks President Obama about aliens
  • Dark Cabal's fears about the truth being exposed
  • How truth can be a relative and subjective matter, depending on the individual
  • How lies can be presented as "truth" by mainstream media
  • Why we should learn to discern for ourselves what we deem to be "truth" - where is the love?
  • Drake, Bill Brockbrader (Wood), Cobra and where they are coming from - ultimately, what is it that we truly want?
  • 12-year old Victoria Grant explains the financial system
  • The Annular Solar Eclipse, expected to pass Mt Fuji and Mt Shasta, and its amplifying effects (includes brief extract by Archangel Michael throughh Linda Dillon)
  • Call to participate in May 20's visualisation event as per Cobra (here's the link)
  • Sheldan Nidle's discussion about the Annunaki & Anchara Alliance (here's the link)
  • Avaaz petition www.bit.ly/wPMwRb
Note: The links in brackets are provided are by me, in the belief that they are what Geoffrey has referred to, based on what I remember. Apologies if he had intended otherwise.

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